Comprehensive Health Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


1.      Individual Perspective

The individuals interact with the environment constantly. According to WHO, the environmentalfactorsdetermines all the physical, biological and chemical factors that effects the human being externally.

  • It includes the physical hazards that may arise due to electromagnetic radiations, noise and pollution, which can causehealth impairment issues.Such may not result in deafnessbut can also cause sleep disorders, insomniaand personal stereo and since LosAngeles is the highly populated city of US, the impact of physical hazards is eminent in the city.
  • Moreover, the individuals are also effected by the radioactive radiationsemittedthrough micro-wave and the other electronicdevices that are causing the intracellular ionization in human beings alongwith the increasedrisk of skin cancer.
  • In addition, smoking and pollutions have the direct impact on the individual’shealth in Los Angeles. Since the city is densely populate with high traffic and vehicles, the individual in such part are more exposed to lungs cancer, eye diseases and breathing issues.(CDC, 2015)



It has often been heard and suggested that some diseases are restricted to particular areas andregions while some regions are more prone to certain diseasesthan the others.The reason behind this difference has been the different environmentalfactors.

Comprehensive Health Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

  • According to WHO, the health measures and the healthcare services offered by the government greatly effects the overall health of the City? Thereport suggested that the reasonfor high schizophreniain urban US is high due to the intenseenvironmentalfactors, like noise, Radioactive rays and pollution, while it is much low in the rural area of the US.
  • Moreover the environmental factors like high technology, chemical emission, and deforestation disturbs the ecosystem of the city whichultimatelyresults in the disease occurrence at theregionallevel.According to Millennium Ecosystem Research, the disturbance of the ecosystem in the developed countries has been directly related to the occurrence of particular type of disease on large scale, such includes skin and breast cancer and breathing disorders.
  • Lastly, since the chemical disposals and air emissions makes up the part of the environment, it greatly effects the health of the individuals residing in Los Angles, since thesekind of emissionmakespart of the agriculture, it effects the areas on macro-level.
  1. Scale to measure the effect of Environmental Factors on Individualsand Community (Los Angles)

Since environment is a key player in maintaining health of the individualsand the community, the below techniques are used to measure the effect of the social determinant on individual and Community.

  • The effect of environment on the individual can be measured bythe number of risingdisease rates, visits to the medical carecenters, and frequency of individualvisiting doctor for different reasons.
  • On the other hand, the effect of the environmentalhazards on the community or city can be measured by the analysis of the population death rates and their reasons.
  • Along with the analysis of the current and allowed emission levels in the environment and its comparative results between the nearby residents and far located residents.
  • Moreover, at the community level, it can also be measured through the comparativeanalysis of the two communities with different environmentalfactors. This will give a clear picture of the effect of environment on the population(Spengler, 2015).

3. Los Angeles- City of Angels

The city is ranked as the second mostdenselypopulated city of California after New York.The major problem faced by thecity are Air pollution, Climatic issues and Smog.

  • The main areas or communities that mostly depicts theeffect of environmentalcauses includes Yang-ga.This particularcommunityis highly populated and faces the dense air pollution ad smog issues.
  • Santa Monica on the other hand depicts the extreme weather conditions and extreme fog.Over the period of time, the temperature has raised by 7 degree over the ten years data, this depicts thechanges in the environment due to imbalance in the ecosystem.
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