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Coca Cola Residual Income Valuation Case Study Help

Customer Demands

Reducing the level of sugar or providing non-sugar Cokes is the way of the company to deal as well as meet with theshifting tastes and needs of the consumers who were keen for the products with low sugar levels and low calories.. It is the strategy of the company to offer new beverages that are medically advantageous, such as in hydration and nourishment.One of the top reasons that a consumer will consider the premium soft drink over other brands, is because they can have a product that is known for its nutrition. This means that they can get the nutrition value that they need and they can also get it in a beverage that they usually enjoy drinking. This means that they will be getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that they need, while getting the taste that they want. (Company, n.d.)

Lower Sugar

The company supports the recentrecommendations of a few driving welfareauthorities, including the World Health Organization -WHO, that people should limit their admission of added sugar to close to 10 percent of their complete daily calorie consumption. In 2017, the organization decreased sugar in more than 500 of its drinks around the globe, adding to 30% in the surplus of 3,900 drinks that as of now fallsunder the low or no-sugar classification.

Awareness of Portfolio

The company also uses the strategy of creating awareness of the portfolio among the customers. For example, the "One Brand" global promoting methodology forced by the organization in mid-2016, which joins each of the four brands Coca-Cola brands – Coke Zero, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life – in the “Taste the Feeling”, and Diet Coke/Coca-Cola Light innovative campaign;highlights the organization's abilityof offering Coca-Cola for all preferences, tastes and ways of life.


The products are also targeted based on different segments of the population. The company also realizes that different demographic groups require different products and focus their marketing efforts on each segment. The unique business model of Coca-Cola is highly successful in the industries and can be highly successful in any other industry as well. Membership fees are also available for many of the member services and discounts that you can use in the company. As a member, a person can join special clubs that provide them with the same benefits which they would receive as a member of the company. As a member, an individual also gets to participate in the company’s sponsored events and get discounts on the products and services that are offered at these events.Moreover, the company focuses on selling the products to the people that do not include children under 12 years.This also means that the company focuses on the customers but it also takes care of the health of children under 12 years old.

Market Position

Coca Cola is at the top of the premium soft drink market, and it is also one of the most popular brands of drinks sold worldwide. However, there are several other brands of soft drinks which also fall in the same category, which means that it is not always the best option to choose one brand over another.There are several reasons why a soft drink is important for consumers to consider. The top reasons that consumers will consider buying a premium soft drink over a less expensive brand is that they can enjoy the taste and nutrition, while enjoying the drink at the same time.Another reason that people will consider it, is because it allows the consumer to have all of the nutrition that they need from a product. The top reasons behind a consumer’spreference of  the premium soft drink over a cheaper alternative,is brand positioning.

Brand positioning is all about aligning your products, services, brand and logo with a specific audience. If you have a business selling soda then you should not align your brand positioning with people who want to lose weight or people who want to stay healthy. Brand positioning is an important aspect of your marketing efforts. Many people think that positioning is about getting your product on TV and making it the talk of the town, but positioning your brand is much more about getting your product to resonate with people in the first place.This brand positioning strategy is the premium soft drink that people enjoy. This premium soft drink comes from a company: Coca Cola Company. This company is known for creating a premium soft drink that consumers enjoy.

Coca-Cola has always been at the top of the list for top brand positioning and the reason why it has been a top-selling brand in the world is because of its long-standing and how it has always been promoted and marketed. The reason why it has managed to be very successful in the world, is because of its numerous advertisements, television campaigns and its constant promotions. It has always been around and it always had a solid brand positioning, which has made it one of the most recognized brands in the world. It has always had a strong advertising campaign, which has been its key factor;making its brand positioning much strengthened.

It is possible to create a brand in a way that you could work with the company that will help you in creating a brand,with differentiation. Another reason that you might want to look at, is to work with a company that will work with a brand, which is considered a positive brand.Marketing is the main reason why Coca Cola is very successful. With millions of customers, the companycan do anything it wants to do, which includes using its marketing budget to get the word out about its products. For example, if a new product is coming out, the company can use its marketing budget to advertise its new product through billboards, television, radio ads and other forms of advertising, in order to reach out to the masses and attract as many people as possible towards their new product.......................


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