Coca-Cola on Facebook Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In late 2008, executives at Coca-Cola had to decide what to do with the newly created fan page on Facebook, which has collected more than a million followers in three months. From a legal point of view fan page was created in violation of the Facebook Service, because without the copyright holder used images and logo associated with a known brand. Facebook contacted Michael Donnelly, director of worldwide interactive marketing for The Coca-Cola Company, to let him know that he was able to take a very popular fan site created, or, on the contrary, he could take it and make it official distribution channel for the company . Cox already revising their social media policies with a Diet Coke and Mentos custom video of the incident fresh in his memory. Those videos, which featured complex geysers with Diet Coke as the main ingredient, was one of the most popular online video in a while, but were not initially authorized company. Donnelly knew that the opening of the brand creative consumers was necessary, but he and his team had to figure out how and to what extent they should do it at the same time to protect one of the most valuable brands in the world. "Hide
by John Deighton, Leora Kornfeld Source: Harvard Business School 11 pages. Publication Date: February 15, 2011. Prod. #: 511110-PDF-ENG

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Coca-Cola on Facebook

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