Coastal Power Corpus Christi: Ramping Down (C) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Can a company reduce employee distrust and grief, when the reduction? There is such a thing as an "effective" process of reducing the labor force? In this disguise, but a real case, Peter Morris, manager of Coastal Power Corpus Christi Plant (Bayland) in Texas, said his team leaders that they were forced to reduce its workforce by 10%. Over (A) If an approximation of how the dialogue went to this meeting offers a few ideas for reductions, which include: length of service, experience, outsourcing, covering the plant from one electrician, and reducing one person from each business unit. The case includes data for students to use to create their own estimates, which should go and who should stay. At the end of (A) the case, Morris shared his plan and asked the leaders to create a ranking list skills they value, the rate of employees and a consensus among them, where the employees of the plant should be placed in the list. In (B) If an evaluation tool is opened and all the employees of the plant are assessed for lower performing employees. They fired. Then (B) case adds a new twist when two weeks later, Morris was standing in front of the remaining employees to hear their reaction. As he explains how the criteria were developed, Morris committed to the plant wide process using the same criteria for all remaining employees in the company, including executives. We learn in the (C) case, the second "all-hands" round ranking is consistent with the ranking of the team leader. "Hide
by Lynn Isabella, Gerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 1 pages. Publication Date: June 4, 2007. Prod. #: UV0755-PDF-ENG

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Coastal Power Corpus Christi: Ramping Down (C)

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