Co-Creating the Future: The Dawn of System Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Are past the range of their hierarchical power structures and present institutions. Issues like climate change, destruction of ecosystems, growing shortage of youth unemployment water, and embedded poverty and inequity require sectors unprecedented collaboration between organizations - and nations. As a consequence, the writers argue, we haven't needed System Leaders more.

They describe how system leaders share three core capabilities: they're profoundly dedicated to the health of the entire, which nurtures similar commitment in others; they develop relationships predicated on heavy listening, so that networks of trust and cooperation begin to flourish; and they're really so convinced that something can be done that they do not wait for a fully developed plan, freeing others to step ahead and learn by doing. Supplying examples including Nike and Unilever, they describe the way the tactical use of the appropriate tool in the most suitable time-with a spirit of openness-can create collective success.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE



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Co-Creating the Future: The Dawn of System Leadership

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