Climate Politics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Climate Politics Case Study Solution  

1.Setbacks of the global action against the climate change

It has been witnessed that there hasn’t been much  achieved in the last 20 years and there is no positive outcome that can be expected in the future years. Ever since the world has fallen into financial and economic crisis, the government has forgotten the global climate issues, which is equally dangerous for the people as other issues are. Every government organization is tending to save their economies instead of looking into the effects of the climate.  The people do want the climate issues to be resolved but they do not want to work on resolving these issues as a united nation. Instead of taking interest in the issues produced by climate changes; the world appears to be moving towards a safe and equitable climate future. Political leaders are only busy saving their economic and financial resources. (Donner, 2007)

2.Challenges faced by developing countries

If we look back, we can see that developing countries had suffered the most from the consequences of a climate disaster. Countries like America and Africa can urge the industrialized world to assume their responsibility and insist on financial support for devising measures against climate change. Climate aid has become the most devastating task for least developed countries.

Through several research papers, it has been found that in Copenhagen 2009, the industrialized countries have agreed to provide financial aids to the developing countries to contradict the climate change, but in 2012; industrialized countries have stopped providing funds to them. After that, a green climate fund was setup to help these countries.

It is better that the developing countries can come up with their initiatives rather than depends upon the other countries to solve these issues, as the climate issues are unpredictable, which can lead the people to harm.


For example; Namibia is a country that can be heavily affected by climate change, But Namibia has developed its own opportunity to decrease climate change by reducing carbon footprint with the help of using the most abundant source of energy; such as the sun, solar installation combined with other resources such as winds and invasive brush. (Böhringer, n.d.)

3.NGO’s stance on climate issues

NGO's has assumed a huge part of entertainers in ecological legislative issues. Their communication on issues, such as: variety, protection, desertification, Trans-boundary air contamination, and environmental change, has made it a huge key actors on a global level.

The prospering writing on NGOs has featured their various parts in the global ecological governmental issues, for example: they have been depicted as "fomenters for natural activity, draftsmen of administration arrangements, and business people for new kinds of drives" (O'Neill 2014: 26). Likewise, Betsill (2015: 251) depicts NGOs engaged with environmental change administration as "activists bringing issues to light and calling for activity; as ambassadors are working with governments to make environment strategies; and as lead representatives are growing new systems for directing society towards a low-carbon future". All the more, by and large, Nasiritousi (2016: 2) depicts their parts as "shapers of data and thoughts, dealers of information, standards and drives, and practitioners of carrying out strategies and impacting practices"

NGO’s play a key role in treating climate issues atthe international and national levels.(Giorgetti, 1998)

4.Future challenges for the global climate issue

According to the study published by World Bank, we are moving towards a stage where the global average temperature will rise towards 4 degrees centigrade by the end of the 21st century. Due to which global political party leaders were strongly asked and criticized to look into the climate issues and corporate with the people to solve those major issues.

The first UN climate conference in Doha Arab region was conducted with extreme pressure to found the basic solutions needed for the issues.

Global climate change is expected to meet up with the broader health impacts. If current trends and issues continue, heat waves, floods, droughts, pollution are most likely to become more frequent and usual in near future. This may result in disruption of ecosystem, water, and food supplies which may produce infectious disease and nutritional problems in public. Also, disruption of an eco-system can lead to sea-level rise. These issues are an alarming sign for every one of us, but this is the issue that needs a collective effort to solve.

Small global changes can lead to the extreme change in temperature, which increases the mortality rate. An increase in mortality affects the elderly people and the individual having the pre-existing illness. Ozone, which shapes artificially from forerunner toxins, is the most temperature-dependent air poison and may add to the development of asthma in kids.

If these issues cannot be taken into action now, it can cause serious problems for individuals in the future. (DLast, 2000)


To deal with climate-changing issues, it has been recommended that the following-elements must be taken under consideration:

Forego fossil fuels

To overcome climate changes; it is very important to eliminate the burning of oil, coal, and natural gas. (Biello, 2006)

The perfect solution to reduce the climate issues and pollutants is to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. For example: carbon biofuels can not only increase the price of food but cam also lead towards forest destruction and radioactive wastes.

 Upgrading of infrastructure

One-third of all greenhouse gas emissions can only be contributed by the worldwide building constructions. Bad roads can also the fuel economy of the most efficient vehicles. It is important to invest in new infrastructure and in upgrading of buildings and roads to overcome the green gas emission.

Although it is very hard to upgrade the infrastructure of the country, as it requires tons of financial support and funding, there are countries, such as the USA, which are contributing tothe resolution of these matters.(Biello, 2006)

Less consumption

To reduce  the effect of greenhouse gas emissions, it is very important to consume less money and buy the stuff that provides-positive changes to the environment. For example; if you are buying a car from a showroom, you have to for hybrid engine of the car, as it reduces the hazardous impact over the environment.(Biello, 2006)

Cease cutting of trees

The most important factor, which people don’t understand nowadays, is that we need to stop cutting down trees to save the country from climate effects and issues.(Biello, 2006)

Fuels replacement

To make the country secure in the future, it is strictly needed to replace the fossil fuels. Biofuels have multiple disadvantages, as it does not only drive the prices of the food but also consumes more energy than required.

Biodiesel hybrid electric vehicles (that can plug into the framework short-term) may offer best transportation arrangement for the time being, given the energy thickness of diesel and the carbon impartial consequences of fuel from plants, just as the emanations of electric motors. (Biello, 2006)


The climate issue has been the worldwide global issue facing the world for several years.

Climate change politics can result from the threat of global warming. Global warming can be driven by the emission of greenhouse due to human economic activity and the burning of fossil fuels. Since the industrial era has revolutionized; fossil fuels have become the major source of energy for economic and technological development. This causes harmful effects over the human’s life and it is the sign of danger, which now needs to be taken seriously.

Current climate politics are influenced by some social and political issues. The climate issues are created due to several factors that need to be hands down to make the climate clean and absorbed. The challenges such as ozone, rising sea level, floods, hurricanes are needed to take seriously to solve these issues.

It is basic to take a couple of actions to deliver the effects of ozone harming substances and adjust the movements brought by the ecological change. Different specialists have endeavored to research the legislative issues of ecological change by looking at the different occupations of performers, approaches, and result in public.

If the people of the country joined together and put the combined effort along with the government, these issues can be resolved with time, but without joined effort, no one can find the ways to tackle these problems....................

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