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Begins when Jo Ann Haywood was appointed CEO ConvergedNetworks. Haywood had just been hired as a technical director ConvergedNetworks as companies are willing to raise its third round of funding. Council, however, quickly realized that the Director General should also raise this round, and Haywood was chosen in this way. Haywood and her team successfully completed the third round of funding. While board ConvergedNetworks' courting Haywood was also hiring a new Vice President of Sales, Dave Johnson. Haywood concerned that Johnson may not like reporting no experience in sales. As a result, Haywood felt that she needed to manage Johnson carefully. Not long after taking his role as vice president of sales and closing of the third round of funding, Johnson Heywood shared his concerns about the sale of the product. After each client session, Johnson began dropping their initial forecasts by 10% to 20%. As Haywood and Johnson prepared material for the forthcoming meeting of the Board, Johnson suddenly admitted that his sales will probably come in 80% below its initial forecast. Haywood was wondering how it should respond to Johnson and how it will approach the upcoming conversation with the board. "Hide
by Garth Saloner, Angie Strange, Amanda West, Alexander Tauber Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 2 pages. Publication Date: September 11, 2005. Prod. #: E204A-PDF-ENG

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Jo Anne Heywood (A)

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