Cinetis: Digitalizing Your Childhood Memories Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Benoit F.; Eskandari; Ramine

Pierre Ihmle and Jean-Pierre Gehrig strolled into a little Brauerei they had actually discovered in the suburban areas of Hanover; Germany. Their start-up; Cinetis; had actually simply won the European Seals of Excellence in Multimedia and IT at CeBit; the renowned trade disclosure participated in by the crème de la crème of the innovation world. The Technical University in Sion had actually been commissioned to study and establish an exclusive system for transforming media in between various technological platforms.

The objective of this task was to develop a system to financially transform video to a digital format on DVD. Jean-Pierre and Pierre; who were both in contact with the research study group at the time; acknowledged the chance to take advantage of this innovation to produce a company endeavor which would propose digitalization services for the 8 mm; Super 8 and 16 mm hollywoods; formats that had actually been incredibly popular throughout the seventies. Knowing goals: The case shows the difficulties of beginning a science-based endeavor; taking it out of the laboratories and into the markets; with the included intricacy of having to deal with a naturally diminishing market.

Subjects: Entrepreneurship; Startup; Business plan; Growth management
Settings: Films; Switzerland; 12 employees; Digitalization; 2004-2006

IMD-3-1816 © 2007
Leleux, Benoit F.; Eskandari; Ramine

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Cinetis: Digitalizing Your Childhood Memories

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