Chilean Mining Rescue Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Chilean Mining Rescue Case Solution

Rescue was considered too impossible at the outset and its factors

  • The relief was found to be close to impossible because the floor was slippery and the mine was clouded by dust. The senior manager was appointed recently(i.e. less than three months), results that he did not know the miner well and cannot take action correctly.
  • No communication tools were available at the mine to alert the rescue workers. Even the miners could not communicate with the rescue workers. Expired food and medicine were available for the workers for emergency, therefore there should be regular checking of the expiry dates of medicine and food so that they can be used in emergency cases.
  • When workers found the way of escaping through the ventilation of ducts, it was discovered that many pipes were missing some ladders, therefore it is suggested that the rescue team should take care of all these issues.
  • No drinking water was available for the miners, due to which they had to drink dirty water, which was sorted in tanks to be used in the machines. Thus, the rescue team should consider this issue as well because water is necessary for living and must be available in such cases.
  • The rescue team was far away from the mine, therefore it is close to impossible that they could get in contact with he miners.Thus, the possible solution is that the rescue team should be near by in order to provide help in such cases.

The leadership and team actions allowed the miners to survive.

  • Two oxygen tanks were found, which helped the miners to survive till they were provided help.
  • One of the miners was energetic and charismatic, therefore he told others that they should take action themselves.
  • One of the actions taken by Sepulveda and all miners was that they explored the escape routes and sent signals to the rescue team so that the rescue team could them as soon as possible, but unfortunately they failed.
  • Another miner, Richard Villarreal, suggested that the fallen rocks should beignited, which would create smoke which would create a signal for the rescue team.
  • Another actions taken by the miners to survive was that they took food after every 12 hours.The miners worked together, motivated each other, and also after the end of the day, permanent sleeping sites were setup.
  • In every situation, a leader is important, therefore they took a good step and selected Ursula as the leader as she guided them in their best interest.
  • In order to survive at the mine, they arranged light from rigged vehicle batteries which helped them at night.
  • They also established rules for washrooms that empty oil cans were to be used until they were found....................................
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