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In case of health care, it is a question of making better use of resources that are available through invention. To understand which invention initiatives will achieve success, it is utmost important that every facet of a job and each is investigated in depth.

Traditionally, health care innovation has tended to be examined when it comes to costs versus benefits, or investors versus customers. InnPACT considers a holistic strategy, assisting a standardized method to describe, assess and compare health invention, using a 360-degree evaluation instrument that takes account of all stakeholders.

Using numerous examples drawn from health care initiatives in Europe as well as America, this article summarizes the basic things to do to follow to guarantee a better quality of life for your own invention attempts. Though perceived for the healthcare sector, the principles underlying the InnPACT framework could be executed in diverse segments.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Check These Vital Signs Before Innovating

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