Changing Nature of HRM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Changing Nature of HRM Case Solution

4. Retention

Employee’s retention is the ability of an organization to retain its talented workforce for a longer period of time. It is necessary for an organization to retain its employees because it takes high cost to initiate are recruitment procedure,due to which the organization can lose its polished employees. It is the most important factor nowadays, which has created a great challenge in an organization regarding its employee’s retention as compared to hiringa new workforce. The success of the organization depends how effectively it motivates its employees and how much ease it creates for its employees. (Schechter, et al., 2018).The current scenario implies that the beliefs, motivation and their interest in the organization keep the employees retained, which decreases their turnover rate. Highly qualified, skilled and well performing employees are sometimes replaced by the less qualified and less motivated employees, because of not having any proper strategies and a proper workplace environment, which directly decreases the firm’s efficiency, causing an increase in the turnover of employees.(Sinha, 2012).Employee retention is to one of the enormous problems being faced by the organization-sin present days. Great and talented workers are ought to be held by organizations. Numerous organizations do not respect their workers due to which worker switch their jobs to seek for better working environments and leave disgraceful workplaces as soon as they find any better alternative opportunity. Thus this study intends to find the reasons behind employee’ turnover and to investigate the factors which helps the organizations in retaining their employees.

How the organization manage employee retention effectively:

4.1 Leader support

Leader's support is a significant factor for employee’s retention in an organization. It is used to identify the values for employee’s feelings, valuing the work which they do and care about their well-being. It also motivates the employee and he/she feels appreciated and works with more enthusiasm.

4.2 Salary and Rewards

The salary and rewards are used given to the employees in order to maintain their retention.It refers to the fact that every organization paysits employees according to their performance and reward them for their good performance which contributes in the development of organization’s objectives.Employee only gets motivated by the rewards he/she gets from the organization. The employees work for money and they are attracted by a handsome pay. If organizations increases the salary and the benefits of its employees, it increases their service quality and a positivity would be brought in their behavior towards work by doing so.Such initiatives would compel an employee to stay in the company for a long while.

4.3 Career development opportunities

Career development is an important factor of any employee because its helps the employees in building a sustainable career path, enabling them to have an increased approach towards career development. The organization provides opportunities and development areas to keep the employees retained so that the talented employees can be motivated and show willingness to work in the organization with utmost dedication.

 5. Qualities of an Effective Leadership

Leadership plays a crucial role in an organization. It refers to the continuous planning, analysis, monitoring and assessment of all measures needed by an organization to meet its strategic goals and objectives. It is because the changes in a business environment require an organization to assess its strategic alternatives periodically.

On the other hand, leadership refers to the potential of a manager in setting up the vision for the whole organization and implementation the same by using different leadership styles. Leadership also refers to the utilization of strategy for the employees’ management. Strategic leadership enables the manager to motivate the employees and to influence them to bring the desired organizational change.(Guide, 2018). It is the ability to stimulate people to work in their best and advantageous manner.(Draft, 2000).

Following are the qualities which must be possessed by the effective leader.

5.1 Decision Making

The decision making ability of an effective leader must be effective and rational. The decisions must be made according to the overall scenario and having complete analysis of it outcomes. The adequate and proper knowledge must be kept under consideration while making any crucial decision. The right decision at the right time is the prominent quality of an effective and efficient leader.

5.2 Innovation

Innovation and adaption of new technology are the main features, which an effective leader must execute in the organization. Innovation involves the direction of contemporary business exercises. Whereas, the adoption of new technology changes the old business practices in to the new technological advancement methods. The leader must bring a revolutionary change by taking the invention of new ideas and dimension. IT also includes the up gradation of new ideas and methods.

5.3 Effective Communication

It is very important for a leader to build effective communication strategy within the organization, because communication is the only way to motivate the employees and to make them productive. The communication skills do matter significantly, because they make the employees retentive. If there is no communication gap and the transparent level of communication exists, so the organization has a healthy environment where the growth opportunities are possible. Moreover, communication creates the harmony and uniformity within the organization.

5.4 Visionary

The effective leader must possess the quality of visionary. Vision involves creating the whole organization on hybrid cloud. It also involves presenting the goals and objectives of the organization to the employees, enabling them to achieve the goals and objectives, efficiently.........................

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