Change in Management Leadership (From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Apple Inc: Change in Management Leadership (From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook)


Apple a multinational technological US company, which deals in personal computers, tablets, smart phones, music players, and smart watches. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California. Apple has a strong brand image and it is also known as a symbol of prestige since all products of the company are quite expensive as compared to similar industry’s competing product but still people are willing to pay more for Apple since the value which apple gives to its customer is quite higher that the money it takes.

Apple’s long range product line includes Apple MacBook, iPhone, iPod,iPad and iWatch. The company’s main focus is consumer electronics and it also gives software solutions and services online.

Apple also hasa wide range of software and operating systems to support its hardware.Moreover,the company’s products have a different software database to support its hard ware. Its wide range of software and operating system includes iTunes for music downloading, iOS for iPhones, safari web browser, Mac app store, iLifeand iWork.

During Apple’s inception when the company was selling only personal computers,itwas facing vigorous competition with the key players of market such Dell, Toshiba, Sony however,Apple separated its concept from Windows to Mac operating system. As a result, it surpassed all the present range of the present market products.

Problem Statement

Apple faced many threats regarding leadership in the history. When Apple did its IPO and when the new CEO at Apple was appointed, the style of innovation and the track of fast growth slowed down since conflicts were rising between the new CEO, Directors and Steve Jobs, which resulted Steve Jobs to be fired from the company in 1986.The company worked 12 years with Steve jobs and the company suffered in developing due to which its innovating reduced from 37% to 31% negative.Moreover,the company lost the trust of investors.

After the death of Steve Jobs, the company has been facing the same issues.The company faced problems such as lacking in innovation, changed company culture however;the main problem is the change in management and leadership styles. The study will identify the possible solutions and the impacts, effects, and influences of these changes that occurred after the time of Steve jobs till the time of Tim Cook.

Background and History of Apple Inc

Apple’s basic and original business was selling computer. Indeed Apple’s previous name was Apple computer it started the business to sell computers and it continued in the same business for more than three decades including its pioneer brands such as Macintosh and Power Mac.The company made a lot of personal computer models while keeping in mind the strategy of keeping the design simple, easy to use and handle and user friendly products. Jobs believed the idea of innovation on the flow, which means that he believed that whatever innovative idea came into the industry, then Apple should be the first to implement on it.

In 2001, the company launched iPod and entered into the market and segment of smart music player by setting the trends of the newly and first time introduced touch screen music player.Moreover, the iPod surpassed every music player and set a new trend for the market and allowed the company to enter in more segments in consumer electronics and leaving the segment of personal computers..............................

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