Pret A Manager Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Pret A Manager Case Study Solution

2.4.4 The organization as a Formal structure:

The natural system theory explicit that the organization is a natural and physical structure where there is an involvement of the employees and they perform according to their tasks for the success of an organization. On the contrary, the formal structure is not just the basic rule of a organization but the structure which has the leadership and strategic management practice.(Jones, 2013)

2.4.5 The organization as an open system:

The open system implies that an organization is dependent on both internal and external environment where it has the internal linkage with the external environment. The resources are taken from the environment and being processed in the internal environment where the a role of strategic management and leadership is present.(Jones, 2013)

3. Alternatives:

To solve the issue of delays, Pret should to arrange a meeting, discuss the deadlines and priorities so that they can make the flow of the activities accordingly. In this way, all the employees will be doing their work accordingly,in order to  meet the deadlines.

To solve the customer misconception; Pret needs to focus on the front and open kitchen concept and bring transparency in its supply chain to remove the customer’s deception concerns. By doing so, the employees will be able to see that sandwiches are made in kitchen and their doubts would be eliminated. To further satisfy the customers completely, continuous feedback should be taken by the employees.

Along with that, Pret needs to provide training to its employees and the store’s managers regarding how to handle the criticism and how to convince the customers. Employees training is very necessary, because that will help them to focus on the job and they will came to know how they are supposed to work and entertain the customers. How they are supposed to satisfy and entertain their doubts.

To solve the problem of content publishers Pret need to focus on the employees and their work division. Employees need to focus on the work division and do their assigned work timely. This will help the manager s to meet their goals timely, and receive the good quality of the work.

After work is done Pret need to bring that into quality check and after approval that content need to be published. This will help them to be more effective and this will help the company to create a positive image of the company. And satisfy their customers.

3.2 Recommendations

The company must build Clear reviews,which allows moving to the year-round approaches to the performance management with real time feedback and regularcheck-ins to nurture and improve the skills of employees. In addition, the employees must be having a performance management program which  entitles to achieve some objectives, such as:setting short term objectives, management feedback on progress of employee every quarter, and judge employees based on five criteria in which the managers or leaders assess whether-employees achieves or exceeds expectations in such dimensions. Furthermore, feedback is one of the most significant components in developing checkpoint system for Pret. By providing the valuable feedback to employees, the managers and leaders attempt to allow the employees to feelvalued and heard. The company should make the standard operations and policies which must be implemented in every shop. The employees must be given training and workshops where they must be given awareness about the objectives and goals. The main focus must be emphasized on the strategic management and leadership which can make the operations efficient and help in providing best training to the employees regarding their moral, behavior, and also about the goal orientation of the company.

. Key Decision criteria

The Key decision criteria for the Pret through it can increase its profitability, sales, improve employee morale and also its service. The effective strategic management plans lead towards a greater operational efficiency, profitability and market share. On the other hand, strategic leadership refers to potential of a manger in setting up the vision for the whole organization and implementation of the same by using different leadership styles. Strategic leadership also refers to the utilization of strategy for the employees’ management. The strategic leadership enables the manager to motivate the employees and influence them to bring the desired organizational change.(Kotterman, 2006)

Not only this, the confident as well as optimistic attitude and behavior from an accessible upper management of an organization could convey the corporate stability and sense of well-being, thereby increasing the morale of a firm. On the other hand, the accessible pool of some leaders and managers could encourage the atmosphere of distrust and fear and  reduce the morale among ranks.

4.1 Strategy Management

The strategic management is making the strategies of the firm to achieve its long term and short term goals. The leaders first analyze the targets of the firm and then plan the relevant strategies according to it. (Shivakumar, 2017).The stages of making strategies are comprised of 3 stages like formulating, implementing and then evaluating. The best strategies directly give growth to the organization and support to achieve its targets.

Strategically thinking: The most important challenge is the lack of assessment and the strategic thinking because it creates opportunities if done strategically. An organization can have the growth and expansion if it has the strategically thinkers.

Strategically action: The actions must be dine according to the strategic decisions. The main challenge for the organization is to act according to the developed strategies.

Strategic Influencing: The other challenge arise when the organizations have to influence its stakeholders by making the appropriate strategies. The influence can attract the stakeholders and involve them.

4.2 Leadership in Strategic Management for Pret

The role of leadership in strategic management is the most important factor for the organization. Theleader is the linkage between the strategies and goals of the firm. The right decisions of leadersmake the firm to achieve its long term objectives. Because of the leadership, the firm canbecome a learning organization, which adopts and execute the advancements.(Jabbar, 2017)

4.3 Diversity and inclusion policy

The diversity and inclusion policy of the company must be made that creates inclusive workplace for the people of any religion, race, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation and physical ability. The diversity policy of the company is strongly focused on effective implementation of equal-opportunities for disable people at workplace. The diversity and inclusion provide valuable competitive advantages to the company in terms of improved employee productivity,performance and morale through equitable workplace practices that treat, develop & select people on the basis of the fairness and merit.(Panibratov, 2017)

4.4Commitment and Awareness

The commitment and awareness of employees and managers to diverse issues should be   significantly enhanced. Now employees are increasingly calling attention to ageism inhiring, development opportunities, promotions and redundancy. The managers and leaders of thecompany have to be responsible to set the expectations for equity inclusion.Furthermore, the company is confronted with the issue of bringing an improvement in its hiring as well asrecruitment process. Thus, the company must address its commitment andresponsibility to increase diversity at workplace; share their hiring objectives and goals forminorities and women along with initiatives and programs to support the achievement of those-stated goals and objectives.

4.5Effective Communication

It is very essential for a leader to build a good communication network within different levels of the organization. Nowadays, leaders need to maintain healthy relationships with the employeesin order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Pret needs to make itself a great communicator among the employees.(Nda, 2013)Transparent communication levels should be enabled to take-risky decisions for the company by boosting up the employees’ spirit and engagement. On the other hand, he must keep himself engaged with his team by recognizing and appreciate the efforts in periodic meetings. He should go for different get-together s with researchers, in order to have discussions about their accomplishments and determining the possible growth-opportunities for future.

4.6 Visionary

The visionary aspect is also the most important element to keep the employees motivated and create higher morale among them.An effective leader must be visionary and provide complete prospectus to the employees in order to make them goal oriented and also performance oriented. Visionary aspect can make the best employee engagement and performance of them.(Jabbar, 2017)

4.7 Risk Taking

The risk-taking abilities of its leaders play a vital role. The shift from limited chain to vast change and the building of twin shop is risky. But a good leader takes the risks and make the best circumstances by improving the services, quality and maintaining the company’s competitive advantage in the market.

4.8 Management Skills Development

The skills must be developed and improved by the company through the provision of training and different development sessions in the meetings. The improvement can be done in the operations and the practices by the management. The most appropriate decision should be made to improve the employee’s skills and making developments in them. This will aid the companies to perform well in the new twin shop. Moreover, the behavior of the employees should be polished so that the customers should be given courtesy to make the potential customers and to increase the company’s market share...............

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