3i & Nike Case Questions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 3i & Nike Case Questions Case Solution

3i & Nike Case Questions

Question 1

The design of the organization for the 3i Group and its markets, geography, business lines and the business sectors is shown in the diagram below:

This is the best design for the 3i Group because it aligns the complete organization with its corporate strategy. The ultimate goal of the organization is to maximize the business profitability across all sectors based upon shared strategic agenda and maximize the wealth of the shareholders.
Question 2

The consumer oriented, category based Nike organization would look like as shown in the chart as follows:

As the nature of the organization has changed now and the company has been divided its range of the products on the basis of the categories of consumers in the market, therefore, it is now more critical for the company to focus upon customer marketing or also called as the segment marketing. Under this strategy the organization will have to work in order to maximize the profitability of each of the client by emphasizing more on the core needs of that specific customer segment, their needs and the products related to their specific needs.
This is basically a profit strategy and there are many factors which make this strategy a completely different strategy as compared to the other strategies that are incorporated by the organizations such as the product strategies. This strategy is basically dependent upon building strong relationships with the customers of the company and in this way the company maximizes the total customer lifetime value from each of these customers.....................

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3i & Nike Case Questions

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