Cemex in Asia Award winner Prize Winner Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cemex in Asia Award winner Prize Winner  Case Solution


The case is embeded in the context of the rebuilding of the cement market in SE Asia, post-crisis. Western cement giants had actually long had aspirations to get a grip in this particular extremely successful market as part of their globalisation method. The 1997 currency problem provided the launching they had actually been waiting on, and the case explains the fight waged by Cemex and its rivals to obtain these possessions.


Pedagogical Objectives:

The case explains the acquisition technique of a western worldwide business implemented in SE Asia. It enables conversation on the acquisition procedure, from the preliminary setting of appealing financial investment targets, through research study, settlement to due diligence, and post-merger combination. It likewise offers a summary of the broader affordable context.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  Strategy

published: 03 Jan 2001

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Cemex in Asia Award winner Prize Winner

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