Managing pre and post production process also plays a key role in defining the company’s supply chain process. Moreover, managing the flow of process from the raw material arrived to the point of consumption by the end users, enables the company to manage the process efficiently. Hence, effective and efficient management enable the companies to complete the entire production life cycle at minimal time by providing maximum advantage.

Management Information System of the Company

In today’s era of advanced technologies, mid and large sized companies need to adopt complex, effective and technologically advanced management information system to manage the operations of the company effectively and provide a proper and clear visibility of the production process of the companies. Hence, traditional supply chain models and applications are not serving the purpose of the mid and large sized manufacturing companies. The requirement by the companies to provide end to end information, immediate response and instant visibility changing the perception of the company in adopting management information system (Taylor, 2018).

Hence, The Company has adopted Intelligent Digital Supply Chain (IDSC) management information system, which provides the company an instant and immediate information, advanced analytical information required by the company and provides the solution which enable the company to implement the innovative and appropriate strategies required according to the information provided by the advanced management information system to the company. Moreover, the Intelligent Digital Supply Chain management information system plays a crucial role in providing solution to the company through its technologically advanced analytical and intelligent system. Through innovation and analytical strategies this supply chain model is providing enhanced visibility of the financial performance of the firm and improving customer experience by providing quality and on time delivery of the product. The intelligent digital supply chain management information system of the company includes the following characteristics which are defined below.

In Control System

One of the characteristics of the intelligent digital management information system adopted by the company is In Control characteristic which enable the company to enhance the decision making process regarding production process i.e. either more product will be needed according to the nature of inventory remaining or enough products are there to fulfill the demand. This decision of the company is enhanced because the information system provides unmatched visibility, association and risk management. Hence, with the in control characteristic of the company’s information system, company manage to obtain clear visibility of information management eco system which includes supplier, enterprise resource planning, transportation, sub assembly, final assembly, distribution, warehouse and customers.

Procurement System

The other characteristic possessed by the management information system of the company is providing procurement services for the company. The procurement drive of the company starts with the purchase of raw material. Hence, the increase in the business environment and competition increased the supply of the raw materials which is causing the shortage of raw material for the companies. The large size of the production process of the company and more than 50 years of experience in procurement and innovation achieved by the company now managed effectively by the management information system adopted by the company. Moreover, the procurement solution provided by the supply chain information system of the company includes procurement strategy and vision, business process outsourcing, procurement sourcing and negotiation, and procurement operations.

Supply Chain System

The last and third characteristic of the company’s management information system is providing the supply chain solution. This third characteristic of the MIS adopted by the company provides the overall solution starting from the raw material purchased to the final product packaging and delivery to customers. Hence, this characteristic of the model assists the company to manage unpredictable resources, changes in market conditions and regulatory requirement prevailing and arising with in a particular country (Taylor, 2018).

Alternatives and their Evaluation

Alternative 1

Managing all of these can be a handful task if Celestica possesses better integration and data management techniques. The company can just connect their partners, suppliers and management information system with that of the manufacturer. The technique can help the company with better visibility and the management can have the command over their supply chain processes which includes logistics, manufacturing, procurement and storage.

In order to do so, the company can take help from Liaison technologies, a company that provides data management and integration solution to the other companies. It functions by unifying the data. Celestica being a manufacturing firm can overcome its management information system problems as Liaison technologies will help it in stock replenishment, keeping track with the inventory level by providing the company with seamlessly integrate mission-critical data. The company can have the luxury of quality data from their supply chain and all of its production process. The data coming in from various global sources will be cleansed, consolidated and enriched which will be helpful for the company to meet the compliance requirements and provide the required quality.

Integration and Data management allows the company to change the varying form of data into a substantial and compatible form. It further helps the management information system to work with a seamlessly flowing data.

Adding on, it will not only assists Celestica but will also provide better visibility to its suppliers and customers. This will not only develop the trust levels but will also improve the long term ties with the suppliers.

Alternative 2

The other alternative which is available to the company is to enhance and develop stronger management information system. The information management system plays a significant part in the development of the supply chain system adopted and used by the company to strengthen its efficiency in managing operations and improving quality of the product. Hence, management information includes order processing information, demand forecasting information, management information and computer system. Development of these information system requires company to build in house development which will require investment as well as time to incorporate changes to the current system managed by the company. The time required by the alternative 2 to get complete could hamper the relationship of the company with the customers and the clients which could affect the revenue as well as the customer base of the company.

Evaluation of Alternatives

The alternatives which are discussed can be used to overcome the information management problem faced by the company. However, the current scenario implies that the information management system could be developed quickly without causing any discrepancy among the company and their clients and suppliers. Therefore, the most suitable alternative currently for the company is alternative one, which implies that the company should outsource the services for managing the information management system currently prevailing within the company and later on move to develop the in house information management system of the company. Outsourcing the information will save the time of the company and enable the company to manage the information efficiently which will strengthen the relationship of the company with the suppliers and customers.

Recommendation and Implementation

The company should adopt alternative 2 to overcome the information management problem briskly in order to avoid the discrepancy with suppliers and customers and later on focus to build the in house advanced management information system. The company could implement those steps by first acquiring the services of the outsourcing company to resolve the issue of the information management system and refine the information to cater the suppliers and the clients of the company. Besides acquiring the services from outsourcing company, Celestica should also focus on developing in house capabilities to overcome this complication in the long term business scenario. Therefore, it is recommended that the company should first adopt outsourcing of information management service and besides that it should also focus on building in house capabilities to overcome this situation in the future.


After analyzing the company’s situation and the technologically advanced management information system adopted by the company it is recognized that there are certain flaws exist within the company which can further enhance the profitability and information management of the company effectively. Therefore, it is recommended that the company should adopt the alternatives which are mentioned above to further improve the overall operations and production process which could increase the efficiency of the company in providing a quality product to its end consumer...........


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