Cathay Biotechnology and Dr. Liu’s Journey Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cathay Biotechnology and Dr. Liu's Journey Case Solution

The case feature the administration challenges that also a Chinese will deal with in developing a brand-new company in China, and offers illustrations of effective actions. It likewise offers the manner for talking about the internationalization obstacle; specifically, how a state-of-the-art company from a surfacing,

Dr. Xiucai Liu, sending back from the USA to China along with a Ph.D. and market research study expertise, began a number of brand-new endeavors throughout the life sciences, the current being Cathay Biotech. The situation explains his know ledges as he has actually browsed China's complex organization surrounding and developed a biotech company that is held to take on worldwide officeholders in the great chemicals sector based upon its own exclusive innovation. He has actually needed to find out, not just as a scientist-turned-CEO, however additionally as a Chinese going back to a significantly altered and still-changing China.

published: 01 Sep 2005

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Operations Management

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Cathay Biotechnology and Dr. Liu’s Journey

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