Catalyst Medical Solutions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Faced with falling NASDAQ, four eHealth entrepreneurs have to decide between the two distribution strategies technology for their new company. The team, consisting of three full-residents, doctors and MBA, have developed software that allows electronic documentation and recording of medical and surgical procedures. The initial strategy was to spread technology on the basis of individual hospital intranet. Under pressure from venture capitalists and "dot-com" frenzy in the market, the team begins to develop "Internet portal" strategy, software distribution via the Internet and the addition of traditional e-commerce services. When the stock market crash in April 2000, the team must decide whether to rush to Internet strategy or to return to the model of the intranet. Throughout the event, a variety of new product development and team training addresses issues: what is the best team? How fast can the team overcome technical problems? Who should lead their users can be? How well they understand the market? How quickly they can learn to work together to raise money and build a partnership? "Hide
by Amy C. Edmondson, Richard Bohmer, Naomi Atkins Source: Harvard Business School 28 pages. Publication Date: July 21, 2000. Prod. #: 601014-PDF-ENG

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