Case –Westridge Cabinets Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case –Westridge Cabinets Case Solution

Key success factors for Westridge

eople of Westridge:

            Westridge Company wants to succeed in the market by providing high quality products quickly after the order is given to the company,therefore, it is important for it’s the company’s employees and staff to be motivated and passionate regarding increasing the productivity and reducing the time to manufacture effectively .This can only be done by providing incentives based on performance and promoting those who work best in the interest of the company.

Manufacturing process:

            In order to enhance customer satisfaction, Westridege has to increase its production facility and improve its efficiency as well. Although the company currently has 150,000 square foot production facility however,it has less capacity to meet the current demand from the customers. Since the company needs to expand its production process by investing major funds in capital expenditure, therefore it has to raise debt or equity finance to execute the proposed strategy.

Customer Relation:

            Westridge Company’s order processing is currently not performing well as it takes orders continuously while the production of other orders is still ongoing. This, as a result, leads to a delay in the completion of orders, which further results in customer dissatisfaction. The company should make long term relations with the customers by taking orders at the time when the department is assured that it will complete that order on due time, hence this would increase the confidence of the customers on the company. The marketing department can play an essential role in this situation as it can create awareness in the customer base that it would take more time to deliver the orders of the customer s since the company provides better quality than its competitors.


            Nowadays, innovation has become vital for the success of any company therefore,Westridge should focus on the innovative products to manufacture as the customers prefer new and better products. The company should not only focus on the product innovation, but it should also explore new ways of distribution and find anew technique for the manufacturing. Moreover, the marketing department should formulate new offers to the existing and prospective customers so that the customer base will increase and that the company will prosper in the future.


            The company should diversify its raw material range and increase the purchases from new suppliers that provide better discounts, as this will reduce the dependency on the existing suppliers as well as it would decrease the cost of goods sold. The diversification strategy not only focuses on an economic material but it also states that the company should consider the quality of the material and ensure that whether the quality is up to the standard or not.

Manufacturing Time of Products:

Wood Door Spray Stain:

            Exhibit 1 shows that the cycle time spenton wooden doors’ spray stain is 776 minutes per box, which indicates less than the minutes per box in Wipe stain product. This product of the company has accounted for 25% to 30% of the total volume of the company. However, the backlog days in spray stain product are the highest among the range of the products as it stands at 11.25 days. Furthermore, transfers from the department to department also take much time as the processing of the material takes a whole day in a single department.

Wood Door Wipe Stain:

            Exhibit 1 indicates that the cycletime spent on the wipe stain product is 875 minutes per box,which is higher than the spray stain. Moreover, the wipe stain has less backlog days, which indicates that this product can be efficiently produced by the workers. Department to department transfer timings are same as the spray stain is 10 days as this product is also processed in all departments since spray stain requires a day to be processed in a single department....................

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