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The small business that has been selected in the case study has been the The major issue or the problem that has been prevalent at the firm is the fact that like all the other small business, the company has access to limited resources and the management is constantly making trade offs on where to actually invest which includes the people and also the capital.

The company also looks to evaluate the different aspects where it needs to make the investments which shall help the company generate decent profits which also includes the fact whether the firm should invest in new or the current marketing platform where the management has found difficulty in finding the right balance.

Along with this, the management which is a small one because of the structure of the business, therefore, the management is unable to implement the 100 percent of ideas that creep in the mind of the management. The limited resources of the company have been a major concern for the company.

The management has been looking to different aspects of the business where it can use the current available resources in order to attain customer satisfaction and increased revenues for the company. The above discussed issue or the challenges have been most prevalent issue for the small sized company that is


Company description: has been a company that has been making the lives of the busy population of the Canadians rather easier ever since the company started off its operations in the year 2008. The company is headquartered in the Guelph Ontario. The company has more than 100 employees who have been serving the customers between the two prime locations for the company that is the Toronto locations and Guelph.

The company is the only destination for the Canadians where the company offers healthy, home, baby and beauty products which offers more than 50,000 products which are send through free shipping on orders which are in excess of $25. The company also has the largest online assortment of Green & Natural products of Canada.

Key Players:

The key players for has been the CMO and the CEO of the company that lead the team who also look to stay in touch with the customers on regular basis where they constantly collaborate with the team.

In a recent incident, the warehouse needed to actually accumulate huge amount of orders out of the door and all the employees including the CMO and CEO pitched in. The company basically looks to encourage employees to come up with ideas that can help in changing the overall business structure. The team of the employees works as a single unity. The employees are encouraged to work with another rather more frequently.

Service description:

The service that is offered by the company is to offer the customers an excellent experience that challenges and also pushes the team members to strive for the common goals. The company basically looks to look after the element of customer delight and tries to achieve the maximum level of customer satisfaction.

The company looks to make sure it follows the right strategy to overcome all the negatives. The customer care team of the company has been making the strategy to ocercome the customer order smoothly where the management looks to provide product information and also provide the tracking numbers.

The major attribute of the company has related to the fact that the customer holds the key to success for the firm. The management has also been looking to keep up with the rights of the customers also.

Industry description: is a part of online industry which has been the most lucrative and the most innovative industries in the world. The company has been selling variety of goods to the customers through website which has been a major source of attracting customers. Along with his, the rivals in the market have also been quite competitive because of the element of being able to generate sales by attracting larger customer base..........................

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