Case: Juner New Materials Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case: Juner New Materials Case  Solution

Value Drivers for Juner:

            There are many value creating activities in the organization, which would lead to the company improving its position in the market. Some of them are provided below:

Manufacturing Facility:

            The company has economies of scale. Moreover, the company consistently invests major funds for the enhancement of manufacturing capacity, therefore an improved asset reduces the cost of production and increases efficiency. Currently, the company has the capacity of manufacturing 40,000 tons of modified plastic.

Research and Development:

            The company has in-house research centre, which provides new ideas and suggestions for the developments of new products, which suits the customers better and fulfils their needs and expectations. The research team constrains highly technical scientist and experts in their field, which provides value creation to the company.

Strategies and Policies:    

            The better strategies and polices of the company for the marketing and human resource lead towards the better reach towards the target market as well as retaining core capabilities(i.e. staff). The company provides performance based incentives to the staff, which improves their efficiency level and increases productivity. The marketing strategy includes better branding of new products and enhanced advertising or promotional activities.

Diversified Products Range:

Product differentiation is the key part for the growth of the company. The company intends to provide different range of products of high quality and in international standard level. In addition to differentiation, the company has reduced its business risk by diversification of the products. Currently, the company develops parts for automobile, appliances and consumer electronics etc., which indicates that the company has diversified product range.

Positive Market Condition:

            The company operates in Chinese market, which growing at the rate of 7% annually. The automobile sector of china indicates the growth of 22% for the past ten years and this will continues in future. The growing market would lead towards the increasing opportunities for the market player and would provide an opportunity to the company to increases its revenues and profitability. The company would get success in its primary objective of making profits. Moreover, new strategies and polices will make the company to remain profitable in the growing market.

Factors to Consider before Going to Public:

            Initial Public offering is a difficult process for any organization because its affects the operations of the company. Moreover, the company has to consider many factors before listing the company on stock exchange.

Size of Company:

            The company has to consider its size by evaluating the value of the entire company through different valuation models. The public organization attracts many institutional investors therefore, the company has to be valued at the level required by the institutional investor....................

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