Case: Aegis Analytical Corporations Strategic Alliances Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case: Aegis Analytical Corporations Strategic Alliances Case Solution 

Background intro of Aegis

            Aegis analytical corporation was founded in 1995 by and computer entrepreneur. Initially, the company had just 35 employees and the company was financed by the venture capitalist firm. The company provides software for the manufacturing companies especially for the pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

 The company’s core objective is to provide software, which integrates the major functions of the business that could help in achieving overall business purposes. The company always tends to minimize the complexity of the data in its software products, which would help those who are not the experts for interpretation.

In order to improve the marketing and promotional function of the business, the company has made new strategic relationships with the companies providing complementary products to pharmaceutical companies. However, if the objective of alliance is not met after one year, then that would mean that in the financial year the company would not make a single sale of software. Therefore, the company is considering continuing or ending the alliance with the strategic partners.

External analysis

PEST Analysis


The Political environment of the country in which Aegis is operating is very stable, which indicates that central government of the country makes long term policies and strategies for the country, which helps the company in sustainable decision making.

            The central government facilitates the technology-based companies to increase the production and improve the industry of technological produce in the country. This is done through by providing tax incentives to such companies.


            The economic environment of the country indicates that the country progresses at a very reasonable growth rate as the GDP growth rate is reasonable. As the country is industrialized economy therefore,the demand of process management software is intensive.

            The local government facilitates in getting initial finances to the startup companies as these companies have potential of growth because of their innovative ideas and strategies.


            The people of the country prefer buying innovative software which would help in their daily life. The customers are also one of the most educated people of the world as the country has universities with high standards globally, which help in improving the standard of the citizens.

            The better education environment helps the company through recruitment of highly competent staff. For the technological advanced companies, the most important thing is how its employees help in capturing value.


            The technological environment of the company is highly advanced and the appearance of new innovative technologies is norm in the industry. As a result, this leads the company towards challenges and competition with its competitors.

            In order to achieve better results, the company has to be up to date and consistently invest funds in the advancement of the process and operation, which would helpin better production.

Internal analysis



            The highly competent staff of the company is the company’s strength as they provide new ideas for the production and operational activities. The employees of the company are highly qualified and technically competent as well as they putefforts for better development of software....................

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