Carolinas Healthcare System Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Carolinas Healthcare System Case Study Solution

Carolinas Healthcare System and the initiation of DA2

The customer Analytics system in the healthcare industry initiated by Carolinas Healthcare center (CHS) through the incorporation of Dickson Advanced Analytics(DA2)) headed by MichaelDullin has been a great breakthrough in the Healthcare industry. Over the period of time, the demand for reduced operational healthcare cost and increasedefficiency in meeting the patients’ needs has made the industry to develop certaincustomeranalytics, which can be used to gauge the consumptionpattern, health history of the patient along with the crunching of customer data easily to offer the prescribed solution without incurring any delays.The main purpose of introducing such technologyor systemin thehealthcare is to reducethe operational cost of the functionsand to enhance the efficiency to retain the patients’ loyalty and improving the market image.Also, such customer analytics will allow the hospitals to manage the patient’s data to develop the strategies that could help the CHS in maintaining the effectiveness of the patient treatment in thelong term. Also CHS initiated the DA2 Institution to lead the market, since many other players in the market started incorporating technology and data management services to attract more customer flux and increase theprofitability be reducing the cost.

Recently,seeing the trend Apple and Google hasalso entered into Healthcare industry through the development of Healthcarewearable. Such entry is a great big-through in the healthcare industry and depicts the increasing surge of data analytics and customer management in the near future.Such change inmarket dynamics has made CHS to ponder over the further development and penetration of the DA2 in the market.

CAROLINAS Investment in Dickson Advanced Analytics

Carolinas healthcare Centre is one of the pioneer healthcare systems in the Charlotte, NorthCarolina. It has developed a strong market position by incorporating the market trends andcontinuously elevating the patient related services.Over the last three years, the healthcare industry has been surged immensely by the technology and mainly customer data analytics or simply theanalytics.

This has allowed the healthcare industry to revolutionize the service patterns and the development of communication strategies.Also, many players like Humana has invested in the similar analytics program to frame the comminationstrategies, reduce the operational cost and improve thesegmentation strategies to target different consumer group in the market.Analyzing so,CHS has incorporated the services of DA2 to develop the personalized data analyticbase for CHS, so to protect the patient data and to incorporate the market dynamics, trends, and customer analytics data while pursuing the future strategies for the hospital.

In addition,since with the passing time, Research and Development, market research, technology anddigitalization has taken hold of the market, the needs for the right system incorporation into thehealthcare industry has been raised. This has made many Healthcare players to adapt the technological/DigitalPlatform to crunch the customer data in developing theright segmentation strategies and effective utilization of resources to improve the profitability and marketshare. Leadingto sustainable operations, satisfied customersand effective resource handling.Such need made CHS to invest in DA2, so that it will be able to incorporate the market analytics and customer analytics into the system while developing the communication and targeting strategies while also maintaining the effectiveness of the services, and efficiency in delivering the right service to the rightpatients.Also, the particular investment will allow CHS to get involve deeply into the market trends allowing it to expand the service level and portfolio to penetrate effectively into thehealthcaresegment.

DA Success in the Market

CHS analyzed the marketdemand for customer analytics that will enable the health care players toincrease the market penetration and to reduce the cost structure. Also, it will allow the healthcare players to induce the market research into the operations, leading to theright alignmentof with the objective set toachieve. Since with the incorporation of digitalization into the business, the trend of customer and markets have revolutionized. It has made markets more intact and connected with high customer synchronizationinto the system. Also, such digitalization of business world along with the inclusion of technology, has changed the business approach from company oriented to customer oriented, gauging and analyzing the customer behavior from different dimensions including social economical, demo graphical and other macro –level factors like geographic location, industry forces and etc., to develop the right communication strategy that attracts the maximum eyeball and alignment with the customer mindset.

Analyzing such market opportunity and the market depth for the sustainability of the business, CHS invested in DA2, seeking to receive the customer analytics market research and data management services along with personalized data techniques and data privacy.Which will allow CHS to trim the odd functions of the business, and develop a concise and precise strategy of marketing, product developing, supply chain, portfolio and other business functions to penetrate deeply into the healthcare industry. Making a substantial position in the market and improving the efficiency of the business and leading to attain the cost effectiveness in the process with the right reporting lines to decide the future business strategies.

Pursuing the relationship with CHS, DA2 remain the eminent player in increasing the ROI of the hospital.It offered the CHS the data management and analytics technique that allowed it to gauge the customer patterns of consumption and heath related precursors more deeply.Doing so, the DA2 allowed CHS to identify the new markets with the crisp data about the risk and opportunity analysis in those market, allowing CHS to match the current competencies with the market opportunities and the channeling of strengths. For example, it generated the customer results only on the basis of Health history, but also the environmental, social and mental factors. This allow physicians to understand the patients’situation from 360-degree angle, alignment to better understand and judge the disease and hence the treatment.

In addition to this, the DA2 gathered the customer data and analytics solution that allowed the CHS to understand the disease types based on the regional basis, hence offering the vast perspective to gauge the disease and then developing the right treatment channel for the customer. All these DA2 procedures and systems allowed the CHS to increase the number of customer footfall, while also increasing the ROI.Also it helped CHS to transform its strategic approach from anecdotal base to the evidence base,since the DA2 allowed the CHS gauge a large amount of customer data collected from different points and from different channels. Lastly, the implementation of DA2, allowed the CHS to quickly identify the High-risks patients and offer them the right evident treatment on the basis of the research results and data collected through different sources, improving the service level of the hospital and authenticity in the market.Moreover, the adapting of DA2 enabled the CHS to segment the different types, class of patients, making it develop more precise and concise targeting strategies, leading to effectiveness of operations and efficiency in delivering the right treatment and diagnosis.(McKethan, 2009).All this allowed CHS to locate and positioning itself with the market trends, avoiding high cost structure and precise modelling techniques to increase market share...................


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