Carlyle Group And The AZ-EM Buyout (A2): Due Diligence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2047 © 2009
Leleux, Benoit F.; Chakravarthy, Bala; Lachowitz, Jonathan

Prior to any offer is finished, an info event and analysis procedure called due diligence is doned to evaluate both the future benefit of the possible drawback and the possible financial investment. Carlyle's due diligence procedure in examining the AZ-Electronic Materials (AZ-EM) offer was common of its strenuous technique.

The due diligence procedure was considerably contracted out, with outdoors professionals employed in crucial management and functional locations and provided really particular directions by the personal equity group. The due diligence doned to assess AZ-EM was especially extensive due to the fact that the offer was a carve-out where the accounting and functional records had actually to be disentangled from those of the moms and dad company (Clariant). Knowing goals: Buyout, due diligence, handling shift, turn-around management, take advantage of, rewards, restructuring.

Subjects: Buyout; Private equity; Turnaround; Leverage; Chemical industry; Incentive structures
Settings: Switzerland ; Speciality Chemicals; Electronics ; Mkt Cap: CHF 500 million ; 2004-2009

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