Cadillac Fairview Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Whitehall Street Real Estate Limited Partnership, which is managed by Goldman Sachs & Co., is a key lender of Cadillac Fairview Inc’s; it pushed Cadillac to seek protection from its creditors under Canadian insolvency law on December 23rd, 1994.

Consequently, Cadillac was now required to submit to the Ontario General Court a strategy to restructure its financial obligations by January 31, 1995, a plan that it hoped would have the support of its different stakeholder groups. (Product 7A96B013 is a MS Excel spreadsheet, which is available for use in this case.)

Learning Objective: The objects of this case are to educate pupils about: deal making; restructuring - tactical fiscal planning; introduction to bankruptcy legislation; vulture buyers (funds).

Publication Date: 10/03/1996

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Finance

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