Basically the learning disorders or learning disabilities reflect an extensive variety of learning issues and problems. Problems like learning disabilities are usually not associated with motivation or personal intelligence rather it has been observed that students or children with these learning disabilities aren’t dumping or sluggish. Additionally, it has been a fact across the world that these students and children’s are smart enough like a normal person.In short, it can be said that their brains are just wired in a different way. This actual difference of the brain affects the procedure of how they receive and process information. Without any doubt it can be said that the Children’s with learning disabilitiesor learning disorders see, understand, hear and observe things in a different manner.  These learning disabilities lead students to face numerous challenges across the entire life becausethey face extraordinary serious issues in learning new skills and make them use practically. Usually the students with learning disabilities faces academic issues like reading, speaking inappropriate words, math reasoning and listening. Naturally speaking parents in any part of the world doesn’t want to see their child facing learning disorders or learning disabilities, but since it as a natural problem so it has to be faced at any cost.

Parentseither they are financially strong or weak are always concerned about their child’s future, specifically for those who are having problems related to learning disorders or learning disabilities. These concerns involve the elements like how a certain kid will travel to school or college on a regular basis, how he or she will react to the unknown people, how he or she will react in place like a class where there would be no parents or siblings and most importantly the threat of not harming any other person. As parents start thinking about going for some treatment or diagnoses so there is an immense possibility that the child would be labeled as slow and not fit enough to carry on with the conventional schooling systems and their standards. The things which make them unique have somehow been there a different way of assuming and perceiving things because having alearning disorders or learning disabilities doesn’t really mean that they are incompetent.

The difference is that their minds are tuned and wired in different manner so therefore they demand another way of teaching which could completely aligned with mind sets. These children have been foundquiet, smart in performing specific jobs because they possess their own way of completing the task in comparisonwith the normal students therefore they cannot be completely labeled as incompetent or mentally disabled.  What parent’s across the world do is that they actually learn the ways by which their child can better understand and perceive things. This approach helps them to communicate different ideas or even ordersfortheir child which eventually helps the child to get success in their academics (Thomson, 2008).

As per the statistics of the Learning Disabilities Association of America around 2.4 million Students are identified as having theparticular learning disabilities and receive services under IDEA. This actually donates a huge number of 41% among all students getting special services related to this kind of education. Moreover the 75% to 80% of these special students are recognized as learning disabilities having their primaryshortfalls in reading and language specifically. Around 60% of the adults with too much literacy issues have hidden or even untreated learning disabilities.

Additional Facts related to learning disabilities

  • Around15% of the American population is facing issues related to learning disabilities as per the statistic of the National Institutes of Health.
  • To get, theclearer picture as per the statistics 1 in every 7 Americans possess some sort of this learning disability.
  • As per thedifficulty level with basic language and reading skills are the most conventionalissues under the umbrella of learning disabilities.
  • Around 80% of all the students who possess learning disabilities have deeply rooted reading problems.
  • Moreover, it has also been found that learning disabilities are often part of some families.
  • Learning disabilities must not be muddled with other issues such asintellectual disability, autism, blindness, deafness and sometimes the behavioral disorders. For better understanding it can be said that none of these conditions reflects the actual learning disabilities. Additionally, theymust not be merged with the shortage of educational chances like regular changes of colleges or sometimes the issues related to the attendance.
  • Children who are actually learning English or some other languages may not necessarily have a problem related to learning disability.

Disorders like Attention disorders which includes hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) / attention deficit or learning disabilities every so often occur at the same span of time, but these two different disorders are not the same for sure...................

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