Canadian Cancer Society: Fundraising Controversy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Proposed Solution

The Canadian Cancer Society must take certain actions as soon as possible to avoid the further issues. These four possible options can help the organization in resolving the issues.

Ø  Stakeholders and Employees Meeting

First of all the stakeholders should be taken in the loop to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. They must immediately call a meeting of donors or stakeholders and give them a detailed presentation on the spending of the funds and on the importance of research in this field. Additionally, more information can be shared with them by letting them know about the spending criteria, audit reports, future plans and most prominently the importance of fund raising expenditure which actually helped them to generate funds for meeting the several requirements other than research.

Ø  Website Notification

At the similar span of time Canadian Cancer Society must also release the details on its website immediately. This detail must include the complete details of how it has been spending the funds and what is the actual criteria of allocating a certain budget to a specific element. CCS must also state that there are several other elements which need to be given specific importance to maintain the flow of success in accommodating the cancer patients. This website notification might not be able to cover the entire population, so therefore some quicker mediums of communication should also be brought in to considerations.

Ø  Social Media

In this competitive new arena, social media is one of the finest ways to spread the word and awareness among the population.  The Canadian Cancer Society can use Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube and Online magazines for spreading the message.  These social media channelsareaccessible by millions of people in Canada on a daily basis, which can play a real positive role in making people aware. Additionally, by making use of social media the Canadian Cancer Society can directly interact with people and can remove their misunderstanding by telling them that there are several elements other than research which require financial attention.

Ø  Organize public activities for awareness

The news related to the spending has been spread out quite fast in the public so therefore it is mandatory for the Canadian Cancer Society to go in public with the help of volunteers and let them know about the actual scenario supported by its past achievements. By going to thepublic directly, it could have one on one interaction which could help them in eliminating the misunderstanding among the people. This effort might lead to enhance its name in the market in terms of serving the cancer patient community.

Proposed Implementation Plan

They must work according to the following plan which could help them in recovering their image back on immediate basis. Each and every job should be allocated to the separate head or manager so that there would be an individual focus for better and optimistic outcomes.......................................

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