Crear Vale la Pena: Using Budgets as Management Tools Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Plays the difficult situation that Crear Vale La Pena (CVLP) passed in 2002 as a result of the 2001 Argentine economic crisis. Also describes the corrective measures to overcome the crisis for the organization to continue its work, taking into account their specific goals and stakeholder groups involved in community cultural centers (CCCs) he created. Describes the evolution of CVLP led InĂ©s Sanguinetti, as well as her vision of art as a transformative force for social development of the individual. At the heart of the first to propose art course built into the program to support schools. He later expanded to several arts, communications and social organization of seminars delivered in CCCs. Funded by public and private donations, CVLP offer art education more than 4800 students in the training of teachers and more than 45 120 people in art-related crafts. In the late 1990s, Argentina lost to a severe economic crisis, showing a significant increase in unemployment and poverty. The sharp fall in demand and, consequently, in corporate and individual income, therefore, affected the internal non-profit organizations, especially those that rely on private and institutional financing. It is an economic and financial blow CVLP suddenly hit harder when its key donors, accounting for 80% of their income, has announced a 50% contribution to reduce the next period. To cope with this turn of events, the executive committee CVLP met to analyze several courses of action, using the projected financial statements as a strategic tool. “Hide
by Maria Cristina Wirth, Luis E. Sanchez Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 10 pages. Publication Date: June 7, 2006. Prod. #: SKE077-PDF-ENG

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Crear Vale la Pena: Using Budgets as Management Tools