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Current Situation

The Canadian Blood Service is non-profit organization that operates under its key principles of providing safe and sufficient supply of blood and blood products. The CBS lacks are putable position in the market due to past controversies regarding blood donation and it has to ensure its position through providing safe services to the general public.

Problem Statement

The major problem faced by the organization is that it has to meet the increasing demand of the blood, whereas; supply of the blood is not enough to meet that demand. The organization is required to increase the number and retention of donors. Therefore, the organization also has to build trust in the eyes of public towards blood donations.


The management of CBS was concerned about the growing demand of blood in Canada and this is due to several reasons such as; seasonal requirements, and implementation of new procedures in hospitals. In addition to this, the supply was not enough to meet the demand due to which the management were facing a challenge to increase numbers of donors. Furthermore, the seasonal demand of blood was expected to be affected by the reason that majority of the donors were on summer and winter holidays. Moreover, donations and repeated donations depended upon clinical convenience, self-fulfillment, and humanitarian. In addition to this, lack of awareness and fear of needles was also a barrier for increasing donors and repeated donors. During 1980’s, blood supply was found contaminated with Aids and other viruses, due to which several people died. Therefore, people in Canada had negative perception regarding CBS, which made it challenging for the organization to build trust among the general public so as to motivate them to donate the blood and become the repeated donors.

SWOT Analysis

The main Strength of the CBS is that it has set principles and strong objectives to provide safe supply of blood. In addition, the organization has strong financial position and was engaged in a nonprofit business......................

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