Boston Lyric Opera Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Boston Lyric Opera was the fastest growing opera company in North America in the 1990s. Successfully completed the transition to a larger facility in 1999, and CEO recognizes the need to develop a formal strategic planning and process management to lead the company in the future. Board members, senior managers, and art directors to use Balanced Scorecard (BSC), as the focus of several months of strategic planning, which develops a strategy map and objectives in the four perspectives of BSC for the three main strategic directions. This case is described at a high level of development indicators, its cascade to units and individuals and the interaction of directors - with Balanced Scorecard -. With the artistic director and the board of directors of "Hide
by Robert S. Kaplan, Dennis Campbell Source: Harvard Business School 21 pages. Publication Date: June 15, 2001. Prod. #: 101111-PDF-ENG

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Boston Lyric Opera

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