Business Plan: Massachusetts Adult Day Caregivers Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Plan: Massachusetts Adult Day Caregivers Case Solution

Adult Day Care Centers

            There are numerous ways which are being followed in the United States, such as elderly care, primary care and other health care services. However, there is a very wonderful way which is being used to provide health and day care to senior citizens of the United States. In addition, this service provides convenience to people that if someone has parents or other seniors aged above 60 can be given in the custody of these day care provider to give health care for the day and afterwards, the person can take his parents or seniors back to home.

            Moreover, this service provides a lot of benefits to senior citizens as, most of the times seniors are not socially active and through the use of this service they can get a social service, interaction and necessary social interaction with other people.

            However, this service provides them fresh air, outing experience, necessary social and community interaction. On the other hand, the care taker can make sure that they are with the most competitive and his own society’s member. Furthermore, these services are primarily designed for those senior citizens who have some sort of disability either mental or physical. Apart from this, people benefit a lotfrom these services.

            Furthermore, the care givers are normally volunteers or other people who want to serve people with God in exchange of the paradise. However, most of the volunteers do not charge a penny from these day care centers. Moreover, there are several day care centers in the USA having a lot of diversified services ranging from primary to elderly day care services. (care, 2016)

            Additionally, these day care centers have a different cost and profit structure as some of the centers are government funded and some of them are being operated by charity. However, some of the day care centers have been made by some wealthy people to benefit their communities in the United States for the sake of the same purpose as discusses above.

            Afterwards, by getting the above information, I as a student of marketing have decided to make a day care center which will be able to provide day care services with a range of services. However, the description of the company and its services will be discussed in the next section.

Company Description

            It has been discussed above that by considering the discussed factors, the analyst has decided to form a day care center which will be given the name of Massachusetts Adult Day Caregivers. The reason behind incorporating Massachusetts in the name is that the analyst was ask to start the business from Massachusetts.

            There are numerous ways to differentiate this business from competitors but the strategies which we will use will be discussed later on in the paper but before that it is necessary to decide which types of services and offering the company will give to its customers or caretakers.

Products/ Services

            The company will initially provide day care services to disable and seniors for five days a week. However, some of the caregivers are providing additional services to caretakers but initially our company will be focused towards these activities.

            On the other hand, some of the day care centers are providing weekend, evening, primary and other health care services however, we will be focusing towards five days of services to disabled and senior caretakers during the office timing as our company will be operated on private funding and not from the government therefore, the initial capital will be low as compared to our competitors.

            The caregivers are charging almost $60 to $80 a day for primary services i.e. five days of care a week during the office timing.....................

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