Shinsei Bank: Developing An Integrated Firm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Pederson has done an exceptional job by putting in different strategies into the business in order to develop a strong and healthy corporate culture within the entire organization. The learning programs initiated by him include centralized training and learning workshops for all the Human resource departments.

He also has access to the information of all the human resources division in order to closely supervise and assess the overall efficiency of the process as well as in order to handle development and training functions effectively.

He also provides motivational sessions to the top management to enhance their overall efficiency and productivity by boosting up their motivational level by giving them motivational speeches as well as offering them compensation for extra ordinary performances.

Moreover, the 360 evaluation program initiated by him has served as a basis for significant improvement in the industry. Employees who are evaluated are provided with constructive feedbacks due to which their mistakes are identified in such a way that they don’t feel offensive.

This increases the overall efficiency and affectivity of operations as the employees get aware of their mistakes and tries to improve their skills and knowledge so that they do not make such mistakes again.

Pederson still needs to accomplish many things to sustain the huge growth of Shinsei Bank. He has to develop and implement a strong corporate culture in which people with diversified backgrounds could simply work together effectively.

He also has to strengthen and alter the communication channel within the organization in such a way that the juniors could easily communicate with top level management. Moreover, he also has to setup a system or develop a culture which ensures him that the rituals, values, traditions and cultures of his diversified workforce are protected.

He has to communicate effectively, the vision, goals, and objectives of the company to the entire workforce from top level to lower level in order to align the objectives of individuals with the objective of the company in order to enhance the overall effectiveness and profitability of the company.


The evaluation program should be further expanded because it helps the management of the company to identify the weaknesses in the operations as well as it also helps in identifying the mistakes done by the employees.

It assists the management to eliminate or possibly alleviate those identified weaknesses by putting in different effective strategies. It also provides an opportunity to employees of the company to correct their identified mistakes and be cautious in the future. This increases the overall efficiency of the company as weaknesses in the process and mistakes of managers are identified and eliminated.

Evaluation process also gives the insight to top management about the performance of the employees separately. This helps in identifying potential and skilled employees and teaming them with less productive employees or juniors so that the juniors might learn from those employees, which will increase the overall productivity.

He should identify if the objectivity of the overall evaluation process remains same and transparent? Are the evaluators are transparent and unbiased? Are the problems identified, resolved? Are the employees happy and satisfied with this evaluation process?

 Shinsei Bank Developing An Integrated Firm Case Solution


Pedersen should encourage teamwork within the entire organization. These teams include the people from diversified backgrounds. When the people with diversified backgrounds work as a team they will understand the context of each other as well as it will also increase co-ordination between employees with diversified backgrounds. (Teamwork and Leadership, Dec 8, 2011)

Moreover, all the employees should be given freedom to express their views in a sophisticated manner. It will enhance the motivational level of employees. Few skilled Japanese employees shall also be included in the top management and the decision making process as it will benefit the company in two ways.

Firstly, the company will get benefit from their excellent skills and admirable expertise as the Japanese employees are rated more skillful than non-Japanese employees. Therefore, this will also improve the overall decision making of the company.

Secondly, this will also help in motivating the local employees as they feel more secured when they see that there are also Japanese employees in the top management of the bank..........

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