Peixe Urbano (B) – From Founder to Turnaround CEO Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case scenario ensues Julio Vasconcellos (MBA 2007) as he introduces Peixe Urbano, a daily deals corporation in Brazil. Daily deals are the coupons that offer different savings at the local merchants and are sold out en masse to customers by entity’s such as Peixe Urbano, Groupon, and Living Social.

Vasconcellos along with his team exploit tremendous accomplishments with the model in Brazil, but are shortly pressurized to extend to the adjacent countries as a consequence of the advent of competitors, who creates a land grabbing mentality. Case A finishes with Vasconcellos’ evaluation of the liquidity options given Peixe’s current levels of accomplishments, market risk, and scaling risk. Case B commences with the Vasconcellos having made a decision to develop Peixe into a seperate company, with aspirations to IPO in the U.S. public markets.

Whereas, the market soon plateaus, partly because of negative consumer thoughts about daily deals. Meanwhile, Peixe is striving to scale its sales force and its technology, and the company must utilize its left over resources wisely. Vasconcellos finds himself having to swiftly transform from entrepreneur to turnaround CEO.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Peixe Urbano (B) – From Founder to Turnaround CEO

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