Business opportunity Analysis: Garage to glory Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business opportunity Analysis: Garage to glory


Garage to glory is the projected or forecasted company or it could be said we are making a hypothetic company and evaluating this business opportunity and its business model, we will include all of the possible recommendations and possible actions which should be the part of this report and we will also discuss the mission, vision, value proposition, USPs and other necessary things in this report such as the business model and business’s market viability etc.

Nature of the business

The business is working on two distinctive perspectives and the basic product is Vintage Bikes. Vintage Bikes are being sold in the market through reconditioning and decorating them with new spare parts, painting them again and making them look like a new car but all this work is being done by mechanics, although the mechanics are using local and low quality spare parts, they charge a high profit by completing the bike’s repair and reconditioning.

We will work on these vintage bikes but we will not exchange them, we will utilize the production process by purchasing old and low cost bike and will make it new and sell them. The process will involve

• The purchasing of old bikes
• Repairing them with new spare parts
• Repainting them
• Make them new again
• Sell them to customers

The company we are going to introduce is well reputed in market as Garage to glory Associates

Garage to Glory

As we discussed above that the company will persuade different offers and process it, in order to make it a business and to earn profit, but the question is how? The answer to this question is very simple that we will do it by partnering mechanics, purchasing bikes from scrap and other resources and then we will sell them to customers via Logistics by making contracts with logistic companies.

The above introduction and discussion was an insinuation about the business which will enable the reader to identify the nature and sources of the business and also allow him to understand the procedure of the business.

We will now engage in a detailed session of strategic moves and entrepreneurship skills to develop the mission, vision, strategic objectives and goals, also the other strategic options and recommendations will be discussed in the paper subsequently.
We will also try to discuss the cost of structure of the company and this project to the extent possible and try to make sure that everything is comprehensible to the user of this report.

Reason for choosing this project

As we saw that there is a rising demand for the vintage bikes in the market and people who are in this business are earning a good profit, also the demand of wealthy people is shifting towards old bikes,which has been escalating and they want to buy vintage bikes these days.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the superior vintage bikes by giving more value to our customer for their money
Vision Statement Slogan
A vintage bike for its every lover
Mission Statement
We are the vintage bikes providers, to serve the vintage bikes lovers with the most demanded and reputable models
Vision Statement Explanation

As we can see that the vision is indicating that the company will serve vintage bikes lovers. It simply means that the company segment is a very concentrated niche with target customers who really love vintage bikes and are ready to pay more for it. Besides the company will try to develop a business model in which the company will try to give more value for money on this products to customers............................

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