Business Model Innovation at Wild fang Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Model Innovation at Wild fang Case Solution

3. Is the Wildfang brand riding a short-term fad or does its tomboy positioning have staying power – discuss?

Answer: The first thing which we need to understand in this context is that Wild-fang brand is not a fad it has a very firm as well as a strong positioning in the market. It is because of its market line fit in the market. When it comes to tomboy positioning power, yes it has the power of staying for long in the market. Tomboy is not just a normal thing for Wild-fang but it is a response to the need of customers, in other words,Wildfang is fulfilling the customer's need through the tomboy market. While initiating this market line: Mcilroy gives the example of Nike and their private retail models. We can conclude this from the statement for Mcilroy “there was a real void in girls’ retail world, one filled by raiding their boyfriends’ closet or scouting the menswear section of vintage clothing stores to pull together a signature look.”

Whereas, Wild-fang's positioning has secured the firm and its feminine value. So, we can say that the tomboy market is not a fad, and it has the power to stay longer in the market.

4. Do you think Wildfang has developed a ‘core’? Describe the resources and processes that underpin this core capability. (Optional for this question is the Prahalad and Hamel 1990 reading within Value propositions lecture session on Wednesday)

Wildfang has developed a core by multisided platform model. The main resources and processes for the core competencies are brand building, creation of content and engaging the community by CRM (Customer relationship management), where they integrated with the modern IT system and management system. The core loyalists are engaged through the association with the brand. Their feedback's are frequently taken via e-mail address, and the customer’s complete profile is associated and created for the brand’s equity. The development of making core for the customers allowed the brand to take feedbacks from its customers and also their reviews for the product. The reviews let them analyze their product and make alternatives according to the choice. However, Wildfang enhanced the engagement of community and quality of the product by creating core competencies.

5. Again, using the business model canvas, compare/contrast the two business designs under consideration – the private label bricks and clicks model and the multi-sided fashion platform model


  Brick and clicks approach private label retail strategy Multisided platform


It is the business in which the company operates both a physical store as well as an online store, thus integrating two into one retail strategy The multisided platform creates value mainly by allowing direct influencesamong two or more participant groups of customer groups.
Significance Combining offline and online retail efforts have the power to amplify the company’s sales and reach.


It also provides an ideal experience to the customer and satisfies a wider range of customers, which results in greater financial outcomes.

It enables value creation through facilitating the transactions.

It allows the company to achieve network effects.


The multisided platform appears to be a powerful business model in the digital economy due to its adaptability, ability to handle complexity, value capture, and rapid-scale up.


It allows the company to achieve high financial valuation and remarkable growth.


The viability of this platform is that it leverages core competencies in brand building, community engagement, and content creation.


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