Walmart Stores Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Walmart Stores Case Solution

3. Criticism on Walmart Business Practice

The proposed criticisms which are levelled on the practices of Walmart are political and legal, as they are mistreating their employees. There is a gender discrimination and women are paid less than men. Another issue is the low wages of the employees and the hourly employees are given more work and are paid minimum wages. The other criticism is the hiring of illegal immigrants and they are kept for cleaning the stores and are locked there. The study analysed that after the entry of Walmart, the sales of the competing stores declined because of the discount offers of the store.

3.1 Response to Criticism

Walmart can respond to the proposed criticism by taking the prompt initiatives like to provide equal opportunities to malesand females where the gender discrimination should not have any existence. Other than that, Walmart can increase the wages of its hourly employees and can also provide the healthcare facilities to its employees who are working 30 hours in a week. Moreover, they can appoint the employees by having the complete identity verification There must be controlling and monitoring of the business operations to overcome any violation of labour’s rights.

4. Challenges to Walmart

Walmart does not have an efficient online system, which could have given extra perks to the store by making the customers satisfiedthrough provision of its services through ecommerce world. The other online stores, particularly, Amazon, had entered in the market with the quality service of online delivery system and integration with the customers virtually. This was the biggest challenge to Walmart, as Amazon made it difficult for Walmart to  create its quality services and brand image on the online shopping platform.

4.1 Response to the Challenges

Due to the rise of online shopping entrance of Amazon in the market;Walmart faced lower revenue generation. The company changed the its business strategy and approached, which was the fastest in e-commerce business. Walmart started an acquisition The founder of Jet, Lore, announced in the market that there would be free two days-delivery to the customers and the fastest delivery would be provided. This made the online inventory higher and brought growth to the company.Another practice that was initiated was that Jet provided an opportunity to Walmart to sell the op-scaled brand at its stores which were not sold at Walmart before.Walmart earned higher revenues just in the first year of acquisition with and sustained a prominent position in the online market. However, Amazon faced a tough competition because of Walmart’s success and started making strategies to compete in the market. Hence, Walmart was not efficient in the ecommerce industry but after making the acquisition with the top famous online seller; it started to compete at the pace of contemporary business world........................

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