Beagle Channel Negotiations (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

On the border between Argentina and Chile, high in the Andes, is a tall, white statue of Christ, "El Cristo Redentor". It was built in the Roman Catholic Church in 1904 as a symbol of peace and friendship between the two countries. At the end of 1978 about 500 young people from the two countries, as well as priests and bishops who met at the foot of the statue to pray for peace. At the same time, the troops were converging on both sides by 3000 miles long border. And the sea, the Argentine and Chilean Navy walked south to the small passage between the Atlantic and Pacific called Beagle. This case (Part B) is the second of three parts, describing the Beagle disputes and negotiations that took place between Argentina and Chile. Must be paired with HKS821 (Part A) and HKS823 (part C). HKS Case Number 797.0. "Hide
by Thomas Princen Source: Harvard Kennedy School 14 pages. Publication Date: 01 January 1988. Prod. #: HKS822-PDF-ENG

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Beagle Channel Negotiations (B)

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