Building A Backdoor To The Iphone: An Ethical Dilemma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Q 1: Which course of action will do the most good and the least harm?

ANS:iPhone is Apple’s leading product. Apple and other rights groups promote the protection of customer’s digital privacy. While on the other side, the Federal Bureauof Investigation (FBI) expect Apple and other forms of Technology Companies for protecting the national security.

TheFederal Bureau Investigation and US governmentdemandedApple todevelop a major backdoorsoftware in the iPhone product which will help them to bypassa terrorist’s security protocol in the iPhones and will provide them access to their data.

But on the other side, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook refused the demand of Federal Bureau Investigation because Apple has a commitment to the customer that their information is private and owns responsibility of insecurity in the information. (Jayakumar, 2017)

If the CEO of Apple,Tim cook accepted the offered to provide the backdoor in the iPhone to the Federal BureauInvestigation,this will help the society in a long run as well as short run as terrorist’s data can be captured and further incidents would be saved. This will also harm the company in some situation which impacts on the company reputation and that will result in the stock prices decreasing.

Building A Backdoor To The Iphone An Ethical Dilemma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Some advantages of the decision he took when he accepted the offer are as below:

  • The backdoor plays animportant role that helps to access a terrorist’s data and helps to save peoples’ lives so that they can easily live in the world without any fear of terrorist attacks.
  • The backdoor helps the authorities such as the Federal Bureau Investigation in getting the information related to the terrorism and preventinga terrorist’s attacks. The information getting by the data of a terrorist’s phone data which will help to save the losses from the attacks.
  • The backdoor of iPhone helps in giving the direction of an ongoing investigation andhow to assistthe main authorities in apprehending a terrorist’s and their direction of attack.
  • It also helps to access a terrorist’s phone and get the complete information related to the future planning for a terrorist’s attacks and havehelped to save the attacks by information.

Here also some disadvantages in the favour of accepting the offer from the side of Federal Bureau Investigation and US government. These are given below:

  • The backdoor of the iPhone first damages the customer satisfaction because the consumer’s privacy is not secured.
  • This will play a role in the stock prices falling for the organization.
  • When allowed to accept to get the backdoor of the iPhone, the user’s information security becomes at risk. Because the information operating system (iOS) software provides complete information to the FBI and other intelligence forces for investigation even of the data that is termed as private.
  • The backdoor it totally a clear violation of privacy. That reduces the trust level of the customer to the company which also reduces the company’s reputation.
  • The backdoor of iPhone verdures the users more helpless to the hackers. (The pros and cons of the backdoor of iPhone, 2018)...............

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