Supply Chain Management Exam Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Supply Chain Management Exam
Section A
Q1. 15 Minutes
Q2. 32 Units/day
Q3. 15 Minutes
Q4. 32 Units/day

Section B
Q5. 12units/day
Q6. 190 minutes of labor
Q7. 70%
Q9. 190 minutes
Q10.3 Chairs

Section C
Q11.21 orders/day
Q12. 17 orders/day
Q13. 20mins
Q14. 10 minutes
Q15. 25 minutes per cycle
Q16 21 Orders/day

Section D
Q17. 10 minutes
Q18. The cycle time will be same because Paint is not the bottleneck.
Q19. © Cycle time will be higher, capacity lower.
Q20. (b) Cycle time greater than Q17.

Section E
Q21. 1120
Q22. 1200

Section F
Q24. 22.78 minutes
Q25. 320 Seconds
Q26 11.25 monitors
Q27. 53%
Q29. 22.61 minutes
Q30. 25.08 minutes
Q31. 10.22 monitors
Q32. 53%

Section G
Q33. 206 minutes
Q34. 120 minutes
Q35 a. Service 267 Dollars
Q35b. Waiting 239 Dollars
Q36. 5 CSR............................

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Supply Chain Management Exam

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