Bringing Silicon Valley to China: Linktone Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Linktone was formed in September 1999 to develop content and text messaging programs for the Chinese market. Starting as a department within Intrinsic China Technology Ltd., a Shanghai-based wireless technology business, it was spun out as an independent venture in April 2001. After two years in the market, the business faced intense competition and saw its earnings grow, but it was not yet profitable.

He brought some of the management style he built a national sales network to work with local service provider offices, had embraced in Silicon Valley, and sourced products that were new from Chinese, Japanese, and Western content providers. The mobile telecommunications market was undergoing explosive growth and constant change in China at the time, and acquisition action was quickening. Yang was contemplating an acquisition offer from, a NASDAQ-traded Chinese service provider, and also the likelihood of taking Linktone public on the NASDAQ.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Bringing Silicon Valley to China: Linktone

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