ALEAP: A Leap of Faith for Women Entrepreneurs Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (ALEAP) has experienced diverse stages, capitalizing distinct skills and resources in order to provide support to women entrepreneurs. ALEAP, from its foundation, has played a vital role in promoting women’s entrepreneurship through different coordinated approaches. The organization had developed two industrial estates through the last two decades. However, the region had the potential to develop more industrial estates, but the limited financial and manpower capacity bounded ALEAP in following the manufacturing sector to support women entrepreneurs. Although, the president knew that ALEAP needed to embrace the new opportunities and extend its operation. But, the major issues faced by ALEAP included: How the organization could mark the growth effectively? Should they incorporate a new business model? Whether they should focus beyond the manufacturing sector to embrace the growth opportunities? Was it necessary to pursue the innovative strategies to establish incubation centres? Whom should ALEAP make partner?

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ALEAP: A Leap of Faith for Women Entrepreneurs

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