Brand Activism: Nike And Colin Kaepernick Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Brand Activism: Nike And Colin Kaepernick Case Solution

Gain from this campaign

The campaign “Just Do It “has 30 years’ legacy of Nike. Nikes "Just Do It" campaign, launched in 1988, which has since been a cultural phenomenon. The slogan has become synonymous with the adage, "Just do it," which is used by the Olympic sprinters and athletes around the world. The brand has also garnered media attention for its controversial collaboration with Colin Kaepernick, a convicted murderer. It is also a symbol of the struggle of everyday people and represents a diversity of people. This campaign was just a formal annual campaign but the stunt by Kaepernick made it exceptional. Nike received more advantages from this campaign. Nike was a brand for its loyal customers but its involvement in political and social issues made it more appealing and acquired the attention of distracted consumers. The sales of Nike post-campaign increased. The objective of Nike's campaign behind joining the “Black Lives Matter” movement is to prevent violence by uplifting people and stopping gun violence. The company's ad encourages viewers to spread messages of solidarity on social media and speak out about the issue. The ad has gone viral and is featured on the Nike website's homepage. The ad is also being used by other big companies, such as: Starbucks and McDonald's.

The objective of Nike behind joining the Black Lives Matter movement is to help in stopping police’s violence. The organization funds grassroots initiatives and maintains pay equity for women and minorities. The organization also funds organizations and groups to promote peace and equality. It has also joined the PCSR as a symbol of its commitment to improve the social justice. In 2017, it sponsored the "Peace Players" initiative, a non-profit group that brings the communities together through sport.


As the CFO; in order see the return on investment from Nike’s Campaign,I would evaluate the ROI based on the investment of Campaign and profit through financial formula of ROI. So, according to the calculations;we found that Nike's return on Campaign investment was 54%. It was a high return on investment.



ROI= 0.54 or 54%.

Now if we talk about the perspective of the Chief Marketing Officer;he would compare the cost of the campaign with sales generation, the number of consumers attracted to the market image and the response of the potential consumers. CMO will evaluate the campaign’ costs to the company and he will also focus on finding out if it meets the company’s set objectives or not.

Nike, Peps, and Starbucks

The objective of Starbucks' decision to publicly join the “Black Lives Matter” movement is not political, although employees at participating locations are prohibited from wearing the logo's t-shirts. It is a symbolic gesture, as the company is trying to avoid a confrontation with customers. However, many employees of the coffee giant disagree with this assessment and are skeptical about Starbucks' motivation. For them, it is more important to understand its positive role and to avoid conflict.While the move has sparked some controversy, the move has prompted Starbucks to create a special black-and-white shirt. The design of the shirt features a raised black fist and the words "Time for Change." The logo is also designed to symbolize the protest signs that are displayed at the various participating locations. Earlier this month, the company also banned employees from wearing shirts and other paraphernalia that promote political or religious issues. While the Starbucks policy has been met with criticism, the statement is still a sign of the company's concern.

After the initial denial of employees' BLM attire, the company reversed course. It also sent out merchandise in support of the movement to promote its values. During Pride Month, Starbucks sends out shirts and hats to celebrate the LGBT community and the LGBTQ community. In this way, the company tries to make its values known to a wider audience. This, in turn, gives the company a powerful platform to make its voice heard in the public discourse................................

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