Boston’s pine street inn examines patterns of homeless shelter use Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Boston's Pine Street Inn Examines Patterns Of Homeless Shelter Use Case Solution


This case describes the role of a successful hotel management firm (Boston Pine Street), which performed major services in the particular field. The service allows sharing the number of guests based on the time of stay as per particular fixed period. These periods are from one day to over a time period of 150 days’ stay.

Thus, in order to analyze the current issue discussed in the case, it has been determined that there are several issues described, which are based on the number of guests retained or to be shifted to another services.

On the other hand,the background of the hotel shows that its main revenues came from the retention of the guest for long-term (150 or more). The issue also discussed the probability of the number of guests to stay for a particular period of time related to the night bed facilities, which are provided by the hotel management.

In order to analyze the hotel facilities provided to each of the selected guests, it is identified that a central tendency tool is based on the performance of the hotel over the particular facilities under each of the selected class.Moreover, the problem discussed in this case consists of the fluctuated numbers of the guests that are associated with the particular fixed period per class.

In order to maintain its position, an average value of the guests should be analyzed in order to determine which would provide better results and sustain the growth of the hotel in terms of retention subjected to the revenues and profits. With all these highlighted issues, it can be seen that Boston Pine Street would probably assess the performance of each guest and try to analyze which would increase the hotel’s reputation in terms of longer stay.

Problems faced by Boston Pine street and their goals to survive

The following case illustrates the unbalanced growth of guests per day, which shows that the guests and time used for stay fluctuates more than the expected results by the hotel management.This is because of the guests, who stayed less than 5 days,which indicates that those types of guests are more than other guests.

It also describes that a hotel would not be able to retain the guests at a particular time interval due to the services that are not fit for the guests’ interest. This statement clearly shows that the services provided by Boston Pine Street were not good enough to retain their guests. On the other hand, it is also identified that there are numerous bed nights, which showed a higher percentage of guests staying as compared to those under less occupancy rates.

The other problem of Boston Pine Street was the weak operations previously, which indicated that hotel management services were not served properly due to the factor of long distance in between the length of stay of each of the selected guest. This scenario clearly shows that the hotel was not able to serve properly to its guests and had a poor facility.

Therefore, in order to serve the guests properly, it should consider a plan which would increase the efficiency of serving each guest according to their requirement. However, the requirements are in different forms per guest, therefore, in order to cover all these requirements, Boston Pine Street should determine the best solution to fulfill all the requirements unilaterally. In order to do so, the hotel would analyze the number of selected guests that would stay longer than expected subjected to increase the profits of the organization.

The other goal of Boston Pine Street would be to allow discounts for the guests who stay less than 5 days, thus this offer would attract them in terms of providing higher discounts for overtime. If these typesof scenarios would be implemented in the future, then the hotel management would achieve its objective.....................

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