Boldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare  Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Boldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare  Case Solution

Thinking big for the future

The company should focus on the company’s long term growth and prosperity,and to sustain its growth for a long term; the company needs to focus on-elements that helpless in getting a competitive advantage over its competitors,which would help the company in maintaining its position in the market and the customers will be driven to wards the company’s services or products automatically.

 How to deal with failures

Learning the lessons from mistakes can be a bigger strength for any individual or organization and if they learn from their past errors; there would be chances of less errors and more success in the future, as the leanings from the mistakes would prevent them from happening in future.


Bring change and innovations

If a company wants to add values in order to drive the change;it must focus on taking everyone all together and help everyone in growing with the same pace,which can only be possible when there is 100% transparency and all the decisions are made with full awareness of each and every employee. The decisions should be aligned with the company’s goals and strictly not in the favour of any particular individual.

Retain the key and necessary stakeholders

Winning the support of key stakeholders is extremely necessary. When a key stakeholder asks for any favour which goes against the interest of the company then it is very important for the company’s representatives to address the issue without having to lose that specific key stakeholder, as retaining the stakeholder is as important as securing the company’s interest. The company should emphasize on making strong connections with its partners and have better communication strategies in place, in order to deal with negotiations and for having improvement in any area if required.

The improved model of patient flow

Patient flow’s model-needed to be slightly improved, with minimization of the waiting time, improvement in the overall quality, upgrading the standard sand providing the best possible care to the patients. There was a requirement ofa new model of care and patient flow at Providence, which could help the organization in targeting and achieving the diverse needs of the patients, regulators, families and donors, etc.

Provide excellence in patient care

  • From the very beginning; adopt fast speed and try to-improve the design.
  • Make goal oriented timelines.
  • Incorporate trust among the stakeholders.
  • Make Resources implications.
  • Measure relentlessly.
  • Communicate everything and make clear judgements on the actions.

Make strong collaboration

The other recommendation made in the article was to build a collaboration with different kinds of firms, just to have enough personal relations (PR) to get the work done if required.Collaboration enables smooth patient’s journey and improves the overall flow.

Physical Interaction

Active participation and visibility of senior member will lead towards employees’ trust earning and it will also be helpful for the senior members to have the foremost knowledge because with their increased participation and engagement with the employees; they would be more likely to be aware of any issue at the beginning stage, which would prevent it in getting bigger in further stages, saving the company’s time and energy. An efficient communication tool is what is required for such an improved task force, alongside the involvement of the senior managers with the employees regarding the official matters. Day to day physical interaction of the head is necessary, just like the concept introduced by Walsh, “walk-around”.  This helps in solving an ongoing problem much effectively.

Possible Outcomes

Increased number of patients

If the organization wants to improve its patient inflow; it needs to make sure that the change gets accepted after having an in-depth analysis of the changes and the effects that the changes can cause, because if the organization opts to implement the changes without any analysis or evaluation then it could turn put hazardous for the patients as well as the organization. If the changes are evaluated and given the green flag from the senior authorities then it could turn out to be very helpful in increasing the number of patients because they will be attracted by the better healthcare services provided by the organization after the changes’ implementation. An increased number of patients would also help the organization in managing its costs effectively.

Innovative Approach

The collaboration had resulted in an availability of 12 new spaces which interrogatively supporting the project’s goal of rehabilitation as it the priority............................

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