Boeings e-Enabled Advantage Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Boeing E-Enabled Advantage


At the present era,the airlinescontinue to watch over the efficiencies in eachfacet of their processes, the speed of execution of the e-Enabled feature is increasing constantly. For airlinesbe e-Enabled, it is obligatory to have an ingenious IT structural design.Boeing has built up several electronically facilitated solutions that have the capability to help outthe different airlinesin their progression andit boosts up their operational competence. (By Robert Rencher)

As a result of this capability,the airlines can have a considerableenhancement in their technical transmissionreliability and a decrease in maintenance and operational costs as well.It helps the airlines to execute and sustain proficiently by providing them the required information whenever and wherever it is required for improving operational decisions.

ü  Challenges:

In the year 1999 Airbuswas sold more than Boeing for the first time in history. Another challenge faced by the Boing was a delay in the production, which had caused a loss of $178 million;which wasdueto the use of inefficient production technology.Besides that, anotherchallenge that was being faced byBoeing was the market maturity.During that time, the Gulf War and the economic recessionhad decreasedthe growth of the air travel industry at a great extent.

Due tothe decline in airplane sales, Boeing has to find out other ways to generate sales other than to sell airplanes. On the other handBoing’s main rival Airbus has an advantage of government’s subsidy for the manufacturing of new airplanes. This was a great challenge for Boing to competethe Airbus.

ü  Opportunities:

Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas and gave a very tough challenge to Airbus.Also, it acquired the Rockwellby working on the principles of lean manufacturing, Boeing had cutdown the “out-of-chain” work and the shortage of different parts.The latest technology used in Boeing 737 was very helpful for the customers. In mid of 1990s, Boeing was dominated over the competitors in the field of commercial aviation and had signed many military and space contracts.

Ans. 01: The Boeing modernized the BCA (Boing Commercial Airlines)into the business units and formed the CAS (Commercial aviation Services).) The need of changing the BCA model to CAS was arisen because the old BCA model was focused on the selling of airplanes and the latest CAS model was working on providing the services and intangible products. Boeing had acquired four companies, namelyPreston Aviation Solutions (airport and air traffic solutions provider), Continental Data Graphics (information and documentation), SBS International (crew scheduling systems) and AeroInfo Systems Inc. (provider of advanced maintenance software applications). With the help of these companies Boeing was capable of introducing new IT based products and services.

Ans. 02: Yes, obviously by having a number of edges over rivals, the Boeing’s e-Enabled advantage will be sustainable for a long time.Boeing had a strong believe that e-Enabled Advantage will prove as aSilver Bullet against the tough and challenging situations. Because being the pioneer in the industry and the expertise gained in the airlines’dailyoperations, Boeing is capable to deal with the difficulties and challenges.The airline industry is highly shocked and is continuously looking for methods to incise costs. e-Enabled Advantage is helping the airlines to reducecosts and issetting up Boeing as a headin this industry.

Ans. 03: There is a need to incorporate this technology into the army aircrafts.Need to improve the existing services and it should try to watch over the other areas to enlarge the use of these technologies as well.

ü  Decision options

The Boeing should continually work with Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) Model, helpits customersby providing this technology so that they can improve their quality of work and can earn more profit.With the help of e-Enabled technology Boeing can help its customers to cut operational costs, increase loyalty among themand earn more profitand by using thisAdvantage technology Boeing can dominate the market once again.

ü  Decision criteria

Decision Criteria


Boing Commercial Airlines

Commercial Aviation Services

Improve (Or At Least Maintain) Profitability



Increase Sales, Market Share, Or Return On Investment



Maintain Customer Satisfaction and Brand Image



 Be Consistent With The Mission Or Strategy



Ease Or Speed Of Implementation



Employee Engagement






ü  Proof of Recommendation

With the help of CAS and newly acquired businesses;Preston Aviation Solutions (airport and air traffic solutions provider), Continental Data Graphics (information and documentation), SBS International (crew scheduling systems) and AeroInfo Systems Inc. (provider of advanced maintenance software applications), Boeing was capable of introducing new IT based products and services....................

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Considering a new strategy of Boeing Service to restore the dominance of the market and help customers struggling airlines improve efficiency and profitability. "Hide
by Lynda M. Applegate, Joseph S. Valacich, Mara E. Vats, Christoph Schneider Source: Harvard Business School 34 pages. Publication Date: July 12, 2006. Prod. #: 807011-PDF-ENG

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