Cougars Cub Club: Charlotte Cougars Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Charlotte Cougars in the midst of the debate on sponsorship from Burger Bell Cougars Cub Club. Negotiations are nearing completion, but the eight issues remain before a contract can be signed. This case, together with its companion case, the "Cougar Cub Club: Burger Bell" (UV0701), provides an opportunity for one-on-one negotiation experience, in which differences in priority basis for the creation of mutual value. In addition, there are issues that can be classified as congruent as well as those that will inevitably distribution. As a result, surveys can focus both on creating and claiming value.
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by Lauren Mishner, Sherwood C. Frey Source: Darden School of Business 9 pages. Publication Date: July 22, 2005. Prod. #: UV0700-PDF-ENG

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Cougars Cub Club: Charlotte Cougars

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