BMWFilms Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Evaluation of Alternatives:

Alternative 1: make BMW short films more available and move towards the next approach i.e. computer games plus traditional marketing.

With this alternative, maximum benefits from the short films squeezed out with minimum cost. Through this, BMW would be able to target a younger audience as well. Further, the company would be able to continue their image of technologically advanced and modern brand. Moreover, the company would be able to enjoy first mover advantage in this as well.

bmw films case solution

bmw films case solution

On the contrary, it will boost the cost in terms of development cost of the games. Further, there will be a risk that games will be not as much attractive as the films would be.

Alternative 2: focusing on making short films only

There is a high chance that the existing customers will be expecting short films by the company. It would be an extension of the momentum created by “the Hire” series. There is a high possibility that building a portfolio of 10 to 12 films would result in collectors set that would last forever. Appealing through internet would be attractive to the internet Savvy consumers. Again, cost is the main issue in making films as five films will cost around $15 million.

Alternative 3: develop a feature length movie

There are many customers who are demanding for two-hour movies featuring various actors from Hollywood. Further, the company will enjoy first-mover advantage as there is no other competitor who has ever made a long movie like this. Additionally, the company would generate positive cash flows if the idea becomes successful.

On the other hand, the company has no such experience in long feature length movie. It takes longer time and cost to make it. If the concept did not appeal the consumers then, it would badly hit the brand reputation of the company.

Alternative 4: make no more moves on BMW films

With this alternative, the new ideas will eliminate the possibility of diminishing returns. It will help the company to avoid having to deal with copycat ideas. On the contrary, it will create disappointment that the company left making BMW films. The company is losing an opportunity by throwing an idea that might be a great success.

Selection of best alternative:

Alternative one would be the best option for the company. Through this, BMW would be able to continue its traditional marketing activities and campaigns. Furthermore, the company can make the most from making five BMW films in terms of brand image and revenues. Furthermore, the company can make the existing films available to a wider audience and then the next step would be moving towards next marketing idea that is computer games. By doing this, new and unique marketing ideas that will came that would help BMW to be new in the market and in the eyes of customers as well.

Implementation Plan:

In order to implement alternative 1, screen the short films in the theatre before making the feature films. Further, the company can package the feature film in the format like DVD. Moreover, the company can use various distribution channels to grab new and existing audience. In addition to that, the company can go for inventing a set of collaborative computer games that can be played on the official website of the company and other sites as well. These games can be linked with BMW films as well................................

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