BMW Portugal LDA (C): Keep Running! Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1848 © 2007
Bouvard, Jacques; Kubes, Jan

This three-part BMW case series concentrates on 2 primary concerns; positioning in between brand name and distribution channel technique and the obstacles of executing this tactical shift at nation level. A couple of years ago BMW chose to restructure its distribution channels - nation sales companies and car dealerships - to be more in line with the exceptional image the BMW brand name enjoyed in the market location.

The case explains initially the shift in the BMW's industrial method then explains the methods the CEO of BMW Portugal tackled executing this shift. Knowing goals: Develop more understanding of horizontal linkages in business system (upstream/downstream branding distribution and application tools). 

Subjects: Branding; Distribution; Implementation; HR Challenges
Settings: Portugal; Automotive; BMW Group: 2005 Revenues of €47 billion; 105;000 employees; 2004-2006

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BMW Portugal LDA (C): Keep Running!

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