RadNet, Inc.: Financing An Acquisition Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mark Stolper, the CFO of RadNet is followed by the case, as he contemplates the best way to raise the $363 million in funds necessary to fund the purchase. When finished, the combined firms will be the largest private diagnostic imaging provider in the United States. When Stolper joined RadNet in 2003, he confronted a company with "too much debt, as well as the incorrect type of debt." His goal is to finance the acquisition in a way that further accentuates operating flexibility and the financial strength of the business.

Given the substantial size of financing needed, the company will unlikely have the ability to fund the entire transaction with first lien or bank debt. The aim of the case is to familiarize pupils with often encountered forms of debt financing that are accustomed to fund mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions. The case is designed to be used in classes that cover corporate lending, M&A, and debt financing.

RadNet, Inc. Financing An Acquisition Case Solution


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RadNet, Inc.: Financing An Acquisition

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