BlazeClan Technologies: Cloud Computing Adoption in India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

BlazeClan Technologies, founded in 2010 in Pune, India, by four young engineers. They proved the company a better cloud solutions provider within a few years after its existence by providing valued services not only locally but globally.

Due to absence of various external factors in this region, the company did not meet the desired target of sales in 2014, and faced a quite slow growth because the segment was a market where businesses were hesitant to give up in-house data control to the cloud.

The company put a significant investment in marketing this potential segment through events, webinars, social media campaigns and talks at important industry forums but the market penetration was not joining a rapid track.

This cloud adoption was also affected by the factors, including availability of the internet, regular service outages leading to network disruptions, resistance to change and unclear licensing issues. The company put a huge effort to reduce these threats, along with this the company needed a framework that could help to bring the growth in a streamline.

The writer, Easwar Krishna lyer has affiliation with the Greatlakes Institute of Management while Jayanthi Ranjan has affiliation with Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad.

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BlazeClan Technologies: Cloud Computing Adoption in India

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